the good things in life.

Last night, Babyface was working late, so instead of wrangling a barking Puppyface and dealing with trick-or-treaters by myself, I decided to sit our bowl of candy outside of our door with a cutesy sign asking kids to only take one or two. A few times throughout the evening, I got up and looked through the peep-hole when I heard kids mulling around because I wanted to see the cute costumes (that’s the best part, isn’t it?). I monitored the candy levels and it seemed like everyone was playing along and in good spirits.

Then, I heard some rustling around 7:30, I got up to check on the kids and guess what I saw? Two sixteen year-old boys without costumes. One who took a single piece of candy from the bowl and turned around. Annoying, but not infuriating. Then, the second picks up the bowl and dumps the rest of the candy in his plastic Kroger bag. He set the empty bowl back down and left with a smile on his faceβ€”content he’d hit the jackpot.

I obviously knew this was a possibility. I’m not naive, but seeing it happen made me so uncontrollably angry. I’m not that far removed from 16 (okay 12 years, but still) and even with all the stupidity, hormones and peer pressure of adolescence, I couldn’t even fathom doing something like that. I spiraled into rage. Rage at the kid. Rage at his parents. Rage at our society for making that acceptable. Rage at myself for not opening the door and tearing into the kid. Rage at myself for being so angry about something so insignificant.

But the anger doesn’t get me anywhere. One of my coping mechanisms when some “I hate the world” moment happens is to list the great and inspiring things in life. The list doesn’t have to be long or complete, but I find that focusing on some of the miracles of life helps heal the wounds from times when things aren’t so miraculous. Normally my list includes things like “movie trailers” and “Puppyface” (both amazing) but today, I’d like to focus on some stories that help restore my faith in humanity. Not all humans suck, right? Here are some of the ones that made last night better for me:

Ah, I feel better already.

What’s your favorite coping mechanism when life gets you down?


  1. Dani says

    I don’t cope; I spiral.

    I’m too inclined to collapse under the weight of depression, irritability, and annoyance. I get carried away, hiding in bed and glowering. I have pity parties and get worked up over tiny things until finally, one day, the negative energy has been zapped and I can start digging myself out of the hole.

    I need to adopt your method.

    • Cassie says

      I spiral sometimes, too. One of my other coping mechanisms is apathy. Which is so not healthy. I just basically go through life as a droid, just barely scraping through, but not really caring about anything. It’s an ugly place to be. :(

  2. says

    Oooo! I saw those candy corn cookies on another website and think they are so adorable! But I can’t remember which site I saw them on and wanted the recipe! Care to share?

    This weekend my hubby and I moved into the neighbor (yours, actually. How’s that for creepy?) And in the middle of moving we had to take a break to travel 4 hours north for a memorial service and then travel BACK to the same town a day or two later for a wedding. STRESSFUL!

    And this upcoming week/weekend won’t be any less busy because I will be running the Indianapolis Monumental Half! You still doing the 5k? I’m excited. It’s supposed to be GREAT weather!

    • Cassie says

      Eat Live Run! Although I just used my no-fail sugar cookie recipe and stole her coloring idea. I’m pretty tied to my recipe. :)

      I am not doing the Monumental 5k, although I totally want to. We are trying to save up cash and race fees were starting to tax our budget. We skipped Jill Behrman this year for the same reason. Frowny face.

  3. Jecsyka says

    That kid is exactly the type that robbed me of my candy giving joy last year! We had a set come by, no costume, when I gave them both 2 pieces of candy, they informed me that was not enough. I politely told them to move along and closed the door. About an hour later, they were back and tried to ENTER OUR HOME to get more candy. This year? We went out for a fancy dinner and avoided the whole situation.

    As for depression spiral recovery, a good workout, a few episodes of House Hunters, a LUSH bath, and sometimes a call to my mom!

    • Cassie says

      Oh my gosh! What little jerks. When something like that happens, I just keep thinking, “WHO are these kids’ parents?” My parents would have never let me get away with an attitude like that.

  4. says

    haha Cassie, you are a gem. i love this coping mechanism of yours – i’ve never really done that myself (looked up awesome news articles while mad or sad) but now that I think of it, I think that would cheer me up too! Thanks for sharing =)

  5. says

    That would have made me really mad too! I’m still living in an apartment so I don’t have trick or treaters yet, but I think I’m gonna have a house rule when I do.. no costume, no candy!

    My favorite coping mechanisms are running or watching netflix.. Scrubs in particular. JD and Elliot never fail at making me smile.

    • Cassie says

      Aww, Scrubs is the best! That use to be one of our go to TV shows to watch after a night out in college. Brings back good memories. :)

  6. says

    I was so tempted to leave a bowl outside and do the same thing but our little pup wouldn’t have it. We only had a handful of trick or treaters so the evening went quick. We hit the gym when we had had enough of Halloween (and it was EMPTY!).

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