things i’m digging…

1. Homemade fancy coffee drinks.

I’ve posted two fancy coffee drink recipes lately (vegan pumpkin spice latte and salted caramel mocha) on the blog and I have another one comin’ atcha this week. Now that I’ve discovered the Mason jar trick (warm milk in a Mason jar, put lid on, shake like crazy=frothy milk), I feel like I can make pretty impressive coffee drinks at home. And that means saving a whole lot of cash. Sorry, Starbucks!

2. Rainy days.

Winter in the lower Midwest can be pretty taxing on a gal’s mood. Sure, we get our fair share of beautiful snow and ice, but the vast majority of a Southern Indiana winter involves rain, freezing rain and sleet. Not the most fun precipitation. In years past, these months of drizzle have totally wrecked my outlook, but this year, I’m kinda learning to love them. There is something nice about a full day of rain. No one questions you for staying in bed with a mug of tea and a good dystopian novel. No one expects you to go out and run 100 miles. Plus, the even light of a rainy day is spectacular for food photography. Right now, I’m loving the low-pressure of a rainy day. But ask me again in February. :)

3. My light therapy box.

Probably part of the reason #2 made it on this list is because of #3. I’ve been using my light therapy box for about a week now and, without a doubt, there has been a difference in my mood. Could it be entirely psychosomatic? Absolutely. But, honestly, if I’m feeling better, who cares? I’m smiling more. I’m less tired. I’m excited about things again. I’m not breaking down at work. I’m not snapping at Babyface. I want to workout. I want to cook dinner. All-in-all, I just feel like myself again. And that is something that I haven’t seen during November, December or January in a very, very long time. I hope this result sticks around for the rest of the winter. I am just so relieved that I might not have to be sad all winter. This may end up being the best $80 I’ve ever spent.

4. Fage with fruit.

I usually stick to plain yogurts, but there is something about Fage with the fruit sauce that I love. I love that it’s not all mixed in and watery. I love that there are so many fun flavors. And I really love that they are currently 10/$10 at my grocery store.

5. Angry Birds.

I’ve been on the Angry Birds train for a while (I even hobnobbed with the creators at the Webbys this year), but recently I’ve really grown to appreciate the game for when I’m pounding out miles on the stationary bike. I refuse to move on to the next level until I get three stars, so even the free version is lasting me forever. Oh, and it helps that I’m terrible at it. Physics is not my strong suit.

What are you digging right now?


  1. Liz says

    I, too, am a terrible psychic. I can’t tell the future for shit.

    But seriously, I am the same way with Angry Birds. I refuse to move on until I have kicked each level’s butt!

    Also addicting: Fire Ball. Best game ever.

    • Cassie says

      Okay, I didn’t leave it. But it will forever live on in my soul as the most awesomest ever typo.

      Although, that’s not even true, because one time I was designing an annual report and sent a proof to a client with a GIANT header that said, “PUBIC AFFAIRS” The horror.

      • Liz says

        You know I’m an editor, right? So I was applying for jobs a few years ago and had a typo on my resume. Instead of saying “blah blah as liaison”, I wrote “blah blah ASS liaison”. And I totally got called out on it in the interview.


  2. says

    I totally dig everything you listed, and can’t think of a drink that sounds more delicious than a salty caramel mocha!!
    I’ve actually never had any type of Fage yogurt except for the plain (2% is my favorite!!).
    I’m also an Angry Birds kinda gal… it kept me entertained on a LONG layover this summer!!

  3. says

    Oops! You spilled. (Ha! Sorry…couldn’t resist.) I wish that I liked coffee. I love how it smells, but I’ve just never been able to drink the stuff. My loss.

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