2011 goals recap: weight loss

I thought a nice way to send 2011 packing would be to go in depth and review how I did with each of the 11 goals that I set around this time last year. For the next two weeks or so, you’ll see one of these a day. Some I totally rocked, some, not so much. I’ll end it all by sharing with you my goals for 2012.

Goal #5: Hit my goal weight.

Did I achieve it?

This is a bit of a complicated goal. I think before I dig into how I did, I’ll share with you guys what I wrote about this goal last year:

I struggled a lot with how to write this. Originally, I had a specific number in mind, but truthfully, I have no idea what my goal weight is. I’m operating under the “I’ll know it when I see it” philosophy. I do know that I want to be done actively losing weight by the end of 2011.

The truth is, I don’t think I lost a single pound in 2011. In fact, I may have found a few. So how is it that I’m considering this goal a success? Well honestly, this goal was never about the actual number and always a whole lot more about my mentality. I wanted 2011 to be the last year I worried about the number on the scale or how my clothes fit or if I “can” eat that dessert. And I can safely say, I am there. I thought the way to get there was through losing more weight and becoming a smaller size, but the fact of the matter is, all that had to change was my mentality.

I have no idea what I weigh. I have no idea how many calories I ate yesterday. I have no clue how much I burned at the gym this morning. But I do know that I looked at my body in the mirror this morning and thought, “I’m happy with this.” and that is better than any goal weight. So yes, I check this goal off my list. Proudly!




  1. lmwst36 says

    I love this post! It isn’t always about the number, but more about how we feel about our bodies. Thank you for the reminder.

  2. says

    Only six comments on that one? I L-O-V-E that post and you have all of my respect for totally accomplishing that goal! Maybe I can say the same about me/my scale/numbers one day. I’d love to!


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