2011 goals recap: reading

Posted on Dec 24, 2011 in Lifestyle

I thought a nice way to send 2011 packing would be to go in depth and review how I did with each of the 11 goals that I set around this time last year. For the next two weeks or so, you’ll see one of these a day. Some I totally rocked, some, not so much. I’ll end it all by sharing with you my goals for 2012.

Goal #6: Read 25 books.

Did I achieve it?

I ended up reading 32 books this year (you can see the whole list here)! I had so much fun with this goal. So often we put so much pressure our ourselves to make big, scary, adult New Year’s resolutions, but when you make a few that are just for you, it is really nice. This goal was a whole lot less about reading and a whole lot more about devoting time to myself all year long.

This goal was also helped by our amazing, fantastic, wonderful library! I feel so fortunate to have such a fantastic resource that is literally down the street. I love that I can “order” books online and then pick them up at the library’s drive-through window. It makes reading so much easier. I never run out of material!

You might see this goal show back up for 2012, but with a revised number. :)

What are you reading right now?



  1. By including audiobooks in my list (looooooove), I’ve hit my goal of 100 books. I’m currently struggling to get through 1Q84, which is crazy long, and while it’s good, I just haven’t had much extra time for reading. When I do have time, I inevitably end up falling asleep. Oops.

    The books that affected me most in 2011: “Stay” by Deb Caletti (about an abusive/stalker relationship) and “Unwind” by Neal Shusterman (a dystopian book about the fallout of a war fought over abortion within the U.S.).

  2. Congrats on smashing your book reading goal. Right now I’m reading “Minding Frankie” by Maeve Binchy.

  3. Cassie, out of that awesomely extensive list, do you have any that you absolutely loved and would recommend? I love adding to my reading list! :-)

    • I loved the Stephanie Perkins novels (Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door) very cute and feel good. I also love anything by John Green and he gets bonus points because he’s a Hoosier. :)

  4. Great Job on the books! I’ve decided to add a similar goal to my 2012 list, not quite as many books as yours. I have a 4yr old so much of my reading time is Dr. Suess, etc, but I would love to fill more of my time with some “Me & A Book” time. Have you read Water For Elephants? I read it this summer, at this point its one of my favorites. I highly recommend! Merry Christmas!

  5. This goal is going on my 2012 list. I love reading, so many summers were spent outside under a tree reading “The Cat Who..” books and others, but with College and a toddler I just never seem to have the time. I’m starting small, 15 for a year. 1 per month and 2 a month in the summer. Time to bust out that library card!

  6. I just finished re-reading A Girl Of The Limberlost, by Gene Stratton Porter. There are several books that connect, but this one can be read alone and it is by far the best. One of my favorite books of all time. And considering your Back To Your Roots philosophy, it is right up your alley! Enjoy!

  7. I just read Divergent in a day! Have you read that one yet Cass? Similar to the hunger games! Cannot wait for book two to come out in MAY!!

    Congrats on this goal!!

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