what i ate wednesday: on the road again

Well, after two flights, two countries, five Great Lakes, one long road trip and 13 hours, we are finally back home again. And it feels awesome. Visiting is always nice, but I am definitely a homebody. Nothing feels as good as sitting on my own couch and sleeping in my own bed. Here are my eats for yesterday’s long, long travel day.

Travel can be so dehydrating, so I started off the morning with a big glass of coconut water to try to counteract the dehydration.

Babyface’s grandma brought us over some waffles to have before our flight. We toasted some of those and slathered them with peanut butter and maple syrup. On the side, a small bowl of strawberry Stonyfield (which comes in a totally different package in Canada) and museli with half a banana.

We said good-bye to Babyface’s family and headed to the airport. Had an eventless flight on the way to Toronto (I got through almost 1/3 of this book). We had a two hour layover so we snuggled into the comfy Porter Airlines lounge and I enjoyed a free cup of tea, some trail mix and a cereal bar.

We dug into lunch right before we boarded. Leftover Christmas turkey on rye bread with cranberry sauce, Miracle Whip (love it) and spinach. Also had a bag of carrots and peas we were supposed to share, but Babyface wanted none of it and I wanted all of it.

Another eventless flight, through customs (which took 30 seconds at the agent with 45 minutes waiting in line), catch the shuttle and to our car to drive the four hours home. I drove us out of Chicago while Babyface served up snacks. I had the apple and almonds.

Once safely into rural Indiana, we stopped at a gas station to fuel up, switch drivers and partake in some road trip staples. Gas station cappuccino for me (so good, so cheap, so sugary) and Doritos for him. I stole a few.

Finally made it home around 9pm. But not before we stopped at the grocery store to pick up a frozen pizza and bag of salad. Easy dinner is easy. I went back and had two more slices of pizza. Hungry traveler.

We also had a package to open from Babyface’s parentsβ€”they sent it to us because they didn’t know we were coming upβ€”and inside were some yummy treats. Including peanut butter marshmallow squares. Had one for dessert while we relaxed on our own couch, in front of our own Christmas tree, while watching How I Met Your Mother on our own TV. Being home is good.

What’s the best thing you ate yesterday?

Turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. Sandwich combo of the Gods.


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    Merry late Christmas! I meant to post this on your last WIAW but I was doing the opposite as you, a Canadian traveling to the states. Wanted to let you know yes you could have brought some produce with you to Canada. I shop across the border in WA every 2 weeks and bring produce back all the time. You are only not allowed to bring in Produce that grows IN or on the ground, ie potatoes, turnips, onions, watermelon. :). You are nit allowed to bring produce from Canada into the USA, which is weird because we are more diligent with keeping our food supply safe.

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