things i’m digging…

1. The Vampire Diaries

SO OBSESSED. I tried to watch this show a few years back and I only got a few episodes in before I was bored. I tried again a few weeks ago and now I’m totally into it. It’s a slow start (typical girl meets vampire, takes a few episodes to realize he’s a vampire, etc. etc.) but gets so dramarific and awesome in the middle of the first season. The best part? I had just planned on watching it by myselfβ€”Babyface isn’t huge into the whole supernatural genreβ€”but he got wrapped in, too and now we’re both watching it together. So much drama. So much pretty. So many cliffhangers. No spoilers, we just started season 2. Side note: Damon > Boone. 100%. But now I kinda want to rewatch Lost.

2. Nike Training Club

This may be one of my favorite apps in the app store. Nike created an amazing piece of software for fitness buffs. Dozens and dozens of targeted workouts with clear video instructions, timing, ability to play your own music and gamification (points, badges, etc.). Plus, it is TOTALLY FREE. My gym membership recently lapsed and thanks to this awesome app, I’m thinking of staying sans-gym. It’s like I have a personal trainer on my phone. Amazing.

3. El Camino

This album makes me get up and dance, no matter how pissed off or sad I am. It’s been on repeat in my car pretty much nonstop since I got the disc in my stocking for Christmas. The Black Keys have pretty much the best road trip music ever created. Go ahead, try it. Download some of their stuff and then try not to drive cross-country with a bag of Combos and an 80 ounce Mountain Dew. I dare you.

4. ModCloth

Babyface got me a ModCloth dress for Christmas and now I’m kinda totally obsessed with them. Right now I’m browsing their amazing swimsuit selection for a suit (or two!) to buy for our anniversary trip. So much cute. And in realistic sizing. Woohoo!

5. Conair Infiniti Pro Hair Dryer

I have had the same hair dryer since high school. It was in terrible shape. A curling iron melted the buttons on it at least five years ago, so the only way to turn it on and off was with the buttons on the plug. It made bad noises and always smelled like burning hair. Babyface recognized this ridiculousness and bought my this hairdryer for Christmas. It’s fantastic! It dries my hair in half the time my old one did and leaves my hair super soft and smooth. Upgrade!

What are you digging?


  1. Moober says

    We love Vampire Diaries as well. Like you, I didn’t think that my husband would be into it, but he totally is. It’s a great show.

  2. says

    I just started watching Vampire Diaries a few weeks ago on Netflix and got so caught up in it that I shamlessly watched all the episodes in about a week and caught up on the current season the next week. My husband likes to pretend he isn’t into it but whenever I have it on he gets into it and wants the details on what is going on to catch him up.

  3. Athena says

    Love TVD. I’ve been hooked since day one. I’m also into The Secret Circle too. Thanks for the tip on the Nike app. I’ll have to check that out. Also, love ModCloth! I’ve yet to order anything, but they have the cutest clothes. I’m digging the red skinny jeans from Forever 21+.

  4. Amanda Elliott says

    TVD is my absolute favorite show! The show is so awesome and it just keeps getting better every season! Also, my boyfriend watches it too.

  5. says

    I will have to give Vampire Diaries another shot…I tried watching like 20 minutes of episode one and thought it seemed exactly like Twilight and tund it off. I keep hearing amazing things though!

  6. Jecsyka says

    I ALSO have that exact hair dryer and it is a gorgeous beast. It’s heavy duty without being weighty. It dries quickly without unnecessary damage. It makes my hair soooo shiny. And it’s orange. WIN!

  7. says

    Ha ha! My hair dryer is on it’s last leg of life and it’s barely a year old! I FINALLY replaced my 10 year-old hair dryer last summer when it started sparking every time I turned it on. But, after only having my new one for about a month, the “on/off” switch broke and the only way to turn it on is by jamming a pair of tweezers into it and wiggling them around until it turns on. I should really get a new one … before I electrocute myself.

    • Cassie says

      HA! I was totally afraid I was going to electrocute myself everytime I dried my hair. There was exposed wiring and all sorts of stuff you should never see. πŸ˜›

  8. says

    I haven’t ordered from them (yet), but I’ve heard great things about eShakti for dresses. They come in realistic sizes AND you can provide your measurements and they’ll tailor them to your specs.

    • Cassie says

      I’ve ordered from eShakti and was really impressed with the custom sizing and quality. I loved the dress, but unfortunately, it came with a big grease stain on it. They were very nice about replacing it, but they couldn’t get me another one in time for my event, so I just sent it back for a refund. But I will definitely order from them again.

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