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1. I wear these when I chop onions. They look absurdly ridiculous, but they work, kids. They totally work. I’ve been tear free since ’93 I got them for Christmas.

2. My dog has a dog bed. No, literally. My dog has a bed that’s a dog. It’s obnoxiously adorable. Although sometimes I think the dog-bed-dog looks like he’s pissed at me.

3. I actually miss training for long-distance running races. Not because I want to run, exactly, but because I want some sort of big end goal to motivate me. Other possible big once-in-a-lifetime fitness-y goals are in the works. This is one of them. And this is another. File both under #6.


4. Babyface and I have our own language. If you were a fly on the wall of our house, you’d probably think we were either (a) having simultaneous strokes or (b) not fluent in English. The best part? Puppyface knows our language, too. I can’t wait until we get farther in dog training and we have to tell our trainer that to Puppyface, wakka-wakka means “go for a walk”. Please tell me we aren’t the only couple that does this…

5. I spent 99% of my time this weekend in my jammies and on the couch. It was amazing. And thanks to the invention of laptops, I still managed to get a lot of work done. Win. Win.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. haha! i just saw some lady on tv wearing goggles to chop onions. Maybe this is more common than I though? ;)

    • I think people buy them as gag gifts and then realize they really work. They’re going to sweep the nation, my friend! :)

  2. awesome! I am going to have to start letting my lab goggles double as onion goggles. Although given all of the chemicals I am around, I am not sure that they are the safest thing to be using during meal prep…

    I am always so stressed out over signing up for races. I don’t want to sign up too far ahead of time, because I am worried I’ll get injured or that the weather will be bad. Makes it hard to really train, though, when you are never sure if you’re running a race.

    • Hahah, I like the idea of an army of people wearing goggles while chopping onions. :P

      I’m the same way with races. The “when do I sign up dance” is always so stressful!

  3. I chop onions super fast so I don’t cry. It almost works.

    • Hahah! I’d probably chop off a finger. Which would make me cry harder than any onion. :P

  4. I always wondered if those goggles actually work – I have the most horrendous time with cutting anything onion-related!

    • They definitely work! My only issue is that I wear glasses 99% of the time, so when I have the goggles on, I’m usually cutting blind. I have to lean in super close to see what I’m doing. But even that close, no tears! :)

      I need prescription onion goggles!

  5. My long term significant other and I (over 7 years now!)sound crazy when we talk to each other. We have weird words, sayings, and often don’t finish our thoughts or sentences because we know what the other is saying.

    I think it is the mark of an amazing relationship :-)

    • Oh my gosh, I am so happy to hear we aren’t alone! :)

  6. Recent-ex and I had/have our own language. It’s one of the things I will miss the most!

    • I could definitely see how things like that would be hard to get over it. It’s another way of showing affection, you know? Another way of showing how well you know a person.

      *hugs* <3 <3 <3

  7. I followed a link from Real Mom Kitchen (for your Lasagna Soup) and imagine my surprise when I saw your picture with Vibrams on your feet! I wear them too (Bikilas), three years now ;) Good luck on your goals!! Will you be training for them in the VFFs?

    • YAY for Vibrams! I would LOVE to do the 3day and Grand Canyon hike in my Vibrams. I figure the Grand Canyon is a yes, because I find myself a lot more stable on uneven ground with VFFs because I can wrap my toes around surfaces (well, you know!). For the 3day, maybe not. It’s a lot of repetitive motion and some cushion might be nice, but I’m not sold on it yet.

  8. I’ve done the 3-day. It’s pretty cool, though the amount you need to fundraise is rough (I have a hard time asking for money).

    This seems right up your alley, BTW:

    • I figure that one of my 2012 goals was to raise at least $2500 for charity, so I’m gonna have to do it someway or another, might as well do it for the 3day! But I can imagine it’s a total bear! I hate asking for money, too. Even for a good cause.

      OOH! That looks like so much fun!

      • Definitely! It’s a great cause. I’d only recommend following a training schedule – my mom and I did it together and we used the forums to find a group in the area that had a training schedule and met for the long walks in local forest preserves on the weekends. Walking 18 miles in one day is no joke. Especially when you do it two more times in a row. :)

        It’s too bad you aren’t closer, I think my new neighbor and I are going to do the Chicago one (it’s about 15 minutes from my house). It would be fun to meet in person!

      • Chicago is the one I think we’re going to do! It’s the only one within driving distance to us. Although Chicago in August sounds painful! :) We’ll definitely have to meet up. I’m thinking about doing it with my two sisters.

        We’ll definitely follow a training schedule. I walked most of the second half of my half marathon (about 6 miles) and even though I had trained to run it, I had all kinds of new pain the next day that I never had during my training runs. Totally different muscles!

      • Oh, I totally meant the Dirty Girl run! LOL. But yes, I can see if our schedule works and come downtown for the 3-day! Ours was in June and we got lucky with a beautiful weekend. August does sound painful. :)

  9. No shame in the weird words! When I take Joey for a walk, I ask him if he wants to go for “walky-palkies”. I don’t know how that started. And when he has to go #2, it’s “poopsies”. And his doggie treats are biscuit to us, they’re “bisquies”.

    • HA! That’s awesome! We’re actually struggling to reform our vocab with Puppyface because one thing we’re learning in dog training is to be consistent with the words we use. It’s SO HARD!

  10. Trust me, you are not the only couple that’s made up your own lingo. At least “Babyface” is something you can call someone in public without people giving you bizarre looks. Do you ever slip up and use couplespeak in real life? I know it’s happened to me a few times…

    Also, lovin’ that dog bed.

    • We absolutely slip up and use couplespeak in real life. Actually, a few of the things we do have “caught on” in our offices because we slipped up and said them there.

  11. I LOVE that the rim to rim is one of your goals!!!! I hiked out of the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail after a rafting trip (Sidenote: I DID NOT WANT TO LEAVE) with a 50lb pack on my back a few years ago after college graduation.

    Having done that, AND a marathon, I can honestly say that this was SO. MUCH. HARDER. AND just as fulfilling. To my surprise, I was completely emotional when we reached the summit. But oh how I love the canyon, and am dying to go back. It is SO worth the experience.

    I don’t have a lot of time right now (I kinda need to be packing for my trip tomorrow. OOPS) but if you are interested, lemme know and I’ll share some more. Meanwhile, back to packin’ sigh.

    • OH my gosh, this is SO nice to hear. I’ve never been to the canyon and figure this would be not only an amazing way to see it, but also a fantastic emotional and physical experience.

      I would LOVE to hear more about your trip if you don’t mind. :) Shoot me an email if you have time!

  12. I ate a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Red Velvet Cake tonight. I had oral surgery today, so I deemed it medicinal. :)

    • Oh my gosh. That sounds like the most delicious ice cream on Earth. YUM. Hope you recover fast!

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