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Posted on Jan 25, 2012 in Food

I’m bitter about the Super Bowl.

You see, it was supposed to be our year. As a Colts fan and Indiana resident, this was supposed to be our Super Bowl. When Indianapolis was announced as the Super Bowl city for 2012, us Colts fans had all these fantastically ideal pictures of a home game Super Bowl. Lucas Oil Stadium packed to the gills with fan decked out head-to-toe in blue and screaming at the top of their lungs. Our beloved Peyton throwing touchdown pass after touchdown pass. Streets filled with celebratory Hoosiers. As soon as it was announced, I turned to Babyface and said, “We are going to that game. No ifs, ands, or buts.”

And then this happened. And we ended the season 2-14. Didn’t even come close to making the playoffs (for uh, the first time in 10 years). I guess it is the Football Gods’ way of balancing out the game. Because a Peyton Manning-led Colts in the Super Bowl in Indianapolis just wouldn’t have been fair. Sigh.

So, I’m bitter and obviously, not nearly as excited. But at least now, instead of being stressed about the game, I can focus on the second most important part of the Super Bowl—the food. Here are a few of the healthier foods from around the internet I’m thinking about make for our Super Bowl wake party (I also threw in a few of my game-friendly dishes).

Oh, and because a Manning is better than no Manning….GOOOOOOOO GIANTS!

P.S. Want to make game day truly healthy? Skip the halftime show (really, Madonna? Blech.) and go out for a nighttime stroll. Most folks will be indoors watching the game so it should be a nice, calm and relaxing walk around the neighborhood. If you aren’t keen on walking in the dark, avoid watching the 6 hours of pre-game coverage and set up your own touch football game before kick-off. You’ll work up an appetite for all the yumminess to come!

Alright, what’s the verdict? Pats, Giants, just in it for the commercials, or really don’t give two hoots?

I’ll never EVER cheer for the Pats. Us Colts fans have a special package of rage just for the Patriots. Don’t expect Indy to be a friendly place for you on game day, New Englanders. Colts fan for life. Giants fan for two weeks.

what i ate wednesday: the yooj


Posted on Jan 25, 2012 in Food

This day of eats was pretty standard fare. A whole lot of clean eats sprinkled with a few doses of treats. The big news for today is not on the food front, but fitness related. I finally managed to get my bum into some stretchy pants and do a workout! Woohoo! I guess all it took was writing about my motivation curve to put it into upward motion. Here’s hoping the trend sticks around. Onto the eats…

Started off the morning with a cuppa peach detox tea with a splash of lemon juice, while sitting next to the roaring fire light therapy box. I’ve actually grown quite fond of my morning light therapy. There’s something very nice about having to sit down in front of a box of glowing light for 30 minutes every morning. I get to sip my tea, get in my daily dose of smile light and browse Pinterest. It’s not a bad way to start off the day. I also liked today’s tea wisdom. I wish more folks learned to be better listeners.

Breakfast was of the smoothie variety. Pomegranate juice, clementines, mixed berries and a hefty dose of shelled hemp seeds for a protein kick. Plus coconut milk yogurt on the side. Absolutely in love with this stuff. Since we are cutting back on animal products in the new year, I’ve really been missing yogurt (soy yogurt is not an option since I try to limit soy thanks to a family history of estrogren-aggressive breast cancer). But I was happy to find coconut milk yogurt at our local supermarket. Yum and yum!

Worked away from my desk most of the day (love it when that happens). Munched on some trail mix and a cup of applesauce for a mid-morning snack while deep in the midst of a website brainstorm.

Lunch was in the exact same place. Still brainstorm-y. Vegan minestrone, slice of bread and a clementine. I only ate about half of the minestrone. Thanks to the uptick of fruits and veggies recently, I’ve developed some nasty canker sores. The acidic tomato-based minestrone was not playing nice with my mouth, but interestingly enough, the clementine went down fine. My body is so weird sometimes.

First afternoon snack was a bunch of cherries, some crackers and a little bit of lemon-dill smoked salmon. I got an awesome smoked fish sampler from a responsible fisherie and I love the product! Stay tuned for more info, a recipe and maybe, just maybe, a giveaway.

Oh, and yes, that’s definitely a dorky, nerdy pillow in the background. What of it?

Once home, I did a little pre-workout fueling thanks to two coconut-peanut butter-oatmeal-macadamic nut cookies made by the handsome and talented Babyface. Cookies, for the win!

Post sweat-session, I slaved over the microwave and heated up some leftover chicken and waffles. And then finished up the day of eats with a small bowl of chocolate chips.

Oh! And because folks tend to ask:

What was the best thing you ate yesterday?

The cookies! Obviously. Although the smoked salmon takes a close second.