1. I eat pears with knives. I think they are too messy to eat “apple” style.

2. I’ve been tracking my food again for an assignment in my nutrition class, and it’s forcing me to realize that my intuitive eating might not be as sharp as I thought it was. Since I’ve stopped tracking food over the past year, portion sizes have gradually increased and so have the number of treats. I might just keep tracking for a few weeks to refresh my memory of what is a correct portion size. Sigh. Does the battle to find balance ever end?

3. I’m thinking about going for my first ever spray tan before we go on our beach vacation next month. I’m not even all that concerned about being “tan” I mostly just want to match. For years I didn’t wear shorts or skirts because I wasn’t happy with my body. Last year, I started to wear them, but my legs are still about 10 years behind the rest of my body when it comes to color. Top half of my body=dark complected. Bottom half=pasty white. I look like two halves from two different bodies. I’m scared. Tanning places are scary. And I don’t want to turn out orange.

4. I forget my age. All the damn time. I know I’m not 30 yet, and I know I passed 25 a while back, but other than that, I’m usually totally lost. Why is 28 so hard to remember? TWENTY EIGHT.

5. My purse pretty much always looks like some sort of bomb went off inside of it. And I certainly can never find anything in it. I managed to even “lose” an apple in it. By the time I found it a few weeks later, it looked like this. Gross. I really need to stop carrying huge, pocket-less purses.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. says

    LOL!! I had that too! I totally skipped my 28th birthyear. Just completely blocked it in my mind. One year I was 27, the year after…. euh…. well… and then I was 29. But 28…. no…. I just couldn’t grasp 28.

    • Cassie says

      It must just be far enough away from any important birthdays to slip your mind. I’m hopping 29 (which is coming up in 4 months) is easier to remember.

  2. Laurel says

    I’ve tried for soooososo long to find a happy balance between tracking and eating intuitively. One approach that has worked for me is to still measure out my serving sizes, but not total my calories for the day. It allows me to focus on what I really want to eat and what I’m really hungry for without feeling guilty about how it’s affecting my daily total. At the same time, it forces me to not go crazy with one particular item. I especially do this for toppers and sides like nut butter, hummus, and cheese (but then again, I have been known to eat a half a jar of peanut butter on occasion).

  3. says

    I also…eat pears with knives, have been tracking with Sparkpeople (calories add up fast!), forget my age (39!…always have to add in my head), and have lost an apple in my backpack (eww!). Have never gotten or considered a spray tan…good luck if you do and enjoy your vaca :)

  4. Moober says

    I think spray tanning is a total waste of money. I tried it a few weeks before our wedding and was disappointed (and glad it faded/came out before our actual wedding day). It felt drippy and I really disliked the smell.

  5. says

    I cannot eat intuitively. I’ll just….eat. But if I track, I’m okay. I don’t feel deprived at all, but tracking is a PITA.

    I tend to round up for birthdays. For example, I’m not yet 29, but half the time I’ll just say I am because I’m nearly there. Why, oh, why, do I make myself older?!

  6. says

    By the way, you look super cute in the picture of you holding the Happy Birthday sign. I’ve never tried a spray tan, but I’ve always wanted to. Recently I tried self-tanner lotion and it was such a disaster. I stained the sheets, my elbows look like I got into a bloody arm-wrestling fight with my boyfriend, and my hands are distinctly two different colors. I’m a hot mess.

    • Cassie says

      Hahah, thanks! That was the day after the Warrior Dash and I was SO beat up and exhausted. :) I tried self-tanner lotion before, too and it was a mess on me! SO streaky.

  7. says

    First, yes, 28 is so hard to remember. I thought it was just me! I totally forget. It’s like I want to say I’m 26 or 27 or 29, but 28 just skips right out of my brain.
    I totally hear you on the intuitive eating vs tracking balance. Here’s what I’ve found and sounds like you’re similar. For the first little while when I switch to intuitive eating after a long period of tracking, I do well. I eat about the same as I did when tracking. Over time my portions creep up as well as the number of “rare” indulgent treats. My plan is to take shorter breaks from tracking but not let it go altogether. I wonder if you tracked like one week out of month if it would help the other three weeks stay on track? So far, I’ve been taking a couple days off here and there, and it’s gone okay. When I get really annoyed with tracking, I hope to take a planned week or two off.

  8. Jennifer E says

    I have done the Mystic tan (spray tan) and was happy with the results. They can adjust the amount of “color” added and I just went with a gradual increase. I didn’t really have any problems with anything getting stained like clothes, et cetera. You’re not supposed to do any excessive activity for 12-24 hours afterward or something. With that said, when I did it before we went to Mexico, the saltwater DID cause it to streak (even three or four days after I had the tan) so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re going to the beach!

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