fab freebie: LARABAR for Kroger shoppers

Attention Kroger Shoppers! Shop the Kroger Cart Buster event from February 26–March 10 for great values. Find out about all the savings at www.CartBuster.com! And from February 29-March 6, download exclusive, digital coupons for Kroger’s “Deal Of The Day” for even MORE savings at http://bit.ly/wxfnlU. Happy Savings!


I’m a huge fan of all things free.  I’ve been known to take things that I have absolutely no need for just because I didn’t have to pay for them. Free is really awesome when it’s a product or item that I need or love. So when Kroger contacted me through Clever Girls Collective, telling me that they were passing out free LARABARs today, I was all over that!

I’m usually not a big fan of using BTHR as a sounding board for marketing folks, but in this case, I figured since they were dolling out free, all-natural goods, I’d make an exception. If you’ve never had a LARABAR before, they are 100% natural energy bars made with dried fruits and nuts. They come in a million different flavors and are sold at most major grocers. And if you have a Kroger nearby, you can go get yourself one for free today. This is a great chance to check out a high-quality natural food item for no cash at all.

All this week Kroger is running a Cart Buster promotion with lots of great deals in store and some amazing digital coupons online. One of those coupons goes live for today ONLY and gets you a free LARABAR. All you have to do is head to the Cart Buster website, click the Deal of the Day link and download your coupon. Just make sure you do it before the day is out. Go snag yourself a snack!

Thank you to Kroger for sponsoring my participation in the “Deal Of The Day” promotion. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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