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Oh man, I am stoked that it is March! This month brings a ton of awesome things—a much-needed vacation planned, our 5th anniversary, THE HUNGER GAMES (squee!), the first IndyCar race of the season, March Madness. This month is gonna rock. Plus, March is always our first real dose of spring in Indiana (although the last day of February was 70° and sunny). Yay, March! Before I share my goals for this month, let’s review how I did in February.

  • Do 25 of my scheduled workouts. Fail. I love goal-setting for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that it helps me gauge what is realistic and what isn’t. I had set this goal because my training schedule for the Avon Walk had me doing training six days a week. I figured skipping four in a month was giving myself plenty of flexibility. WRONG. What I discovered is that fitting in training for a walking race is a whole other can of worms due to time. You can’t just go out and quickly pound out three miles. It takes a serious time commitment in your day and the six-days-a-week plan was not working with the rigors of work, school, and freelance. So since I failed this goal so miserably, it inspired me to twist around my training schedule a bit. Now I’m doing four sessions a week. Much more manageable.
  • Read before bed most nights. Fail. I think I kinda just forgot this was one of my goals. Oh well.
  • Balance my time well. Success. I’ve felt really on top of everything all this month, which is a great feeling to have! This week I’m a little behind because I blew off my to-do list to go to a basketball game, but not so much I feel like I’m drowning. I hope this balancing trend sticks around.
  • Do our taxesSuccess. Done. Check. And not as painful as I thought, but we still had to pay out a pretty penny to Uncle Sam.

It’s interesting how different people approach goal-setting. I like to pick things to focus on, but really, my goal has a lot less to do with the actual end result and a lot more to do with the mindset. I know I marked those first two goals as both “fail” but to me, the first one isn’t really a fail at all. Sure, I missed the mark on the actual number, but I stayed focused and conscious of the intention behind the goal all month-long. Unlike the book goal, which I totally forgot about. Some people would say failing is failing, but I like to think that any steps toward a positive outcome are a good thing, even if you don’t get all the way to the top.

Anywho, onto my goals for this month.

Goals for March 2012

  • Track food everyday I’m not on vacation. I tried to put on a pair of jeans the other day, and they were not buttoning comfortably. Babyface says it doesn’t look like I’ve gained weight, but I at the very least feel bloated, so I’d like to keep an eye on my food intake (including sodium). It also helps that almost every assignment I have in my nutrition class this semester requires me to track my food.
  • Limit discretionary spending to $100. Since Christmas, we’ve gotten a little lax with our extra spending. A new dress here, a dinner out there, etc. It’s fine, and we work hard to be able to do those kind of things, but I don’t want that kind of discretionary spending to override our larger financial goals. So for this month, I’d like to limit us to a budget of $100 for “extras”. We do have a trip fund set aside to comfortably fund our time on the beach. We actually have separate bank account for travel and a portion of Babyface’s paycheck every weeks gets automatically funneled into it. We just let the account build all year and then when we have enough money to go somewhere, we do!
  • Really, truly go on vacation. Speaking of our upcoming trip, I’m planning on going 100% off the grid for our vacation. Okay, that’s a lie, but I’m at least planning a totally work-free trip. That means no emails from my job, no freelance gigs and, mostly frighteningly, a week without BTHR. I have all kinds of fun posts stored up and posts from friends to share, but new content will need to wait until I’m back. I need a vacation. Even if it’s hard to not talk with you guys for a week.
  • Keep focus on Complaint Free Lent. The changes I’m seeing a week into CFL are just incredible, but it can be so easy to slip back into the habit of negativity. This month, I really want to focus on being positive and seeing the brightness in everything. I feel so much better when I do.

What are your goals for March?


  1. says

    I must have missed it… where are you going on Vacation?
    Your goals look pretty darn good. I like the idea of limiting discretionary spending too (I need to do that as well). And of course, I think that CFL is pretty amazing and admire that you’re doing so well with it!
    I just posted my goals today… some are going to be a little tough but need to be done!

    • Cassie says

      We’re going to Florida! We have an awesome condo right on the beach and plan on reading a lot of trashy books and drinking a lot of fruit cocktails. :)

  2. Amanda ingle says

    You should totally use Anytime Health to track your food intake. I would love to see you blogging about your experience on there. :)

  3. says

    Love your goals! I totally agree with you about the “mindset” instead of “results”… my husband does NOT get it when I set goals, don’t complete them, but still feel satisfied. glad I’m not alone here.

    have fun on your vacation! love the idea of the vacation fund :)

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