Here we go again.

I’m sure you’ve seen the news, but just in case you haven’t, Southern Indiana was devastated by a tornado outbreak this afternoon. Luckily, the storms stayed out of Bloomington (this time) but my hometown of Pekin, Indiana was not so lucky. My whole family is fine, but the very strong tornado plowed a path directly by my parents’ house. Luckily, they have a very well-built house, so the damage is minimal, but the rest of my beloved small hometown is a different story. Their neighbors’ houses are destroyed. And, as I write this post, the death toll is three, which in a town of 1400, is devastating.

We’re heading down in the morning to help my parents and all of our friends and neighbors that so desperately need it. I’m trying to brace myself for seeing the town I lived in for my entire childhood flattened, but I’m not sure that’s possible.

I’m not sure when I’ll be back to posting, but I do hope that you guys will help out if you can. You can text “HOOSIER” to 80888 to automatically donate $10 to the Salvation Army’s relief efforts in Southern Indiana. 

If you can’t spare the money, at least please send your good thoughts, vibes, and prayers to the people in Southern Indiana. Pekin, Marysville and Henryville, Indiana are three communities that are incredibly tight-knit and have a long road ahead of them. I know it sounds hippie-dippie, but I truly believe that every positive thought that goes into the universe helps.

Hug your loved ones, please.


  1. Tiffany Henley says

    We live in Memphis. My son’s school (Henryville) was leveled. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you come to town tomorrow to see this mess. Praise God that your family is okay.

  2. says

    Good luck and be careful! I live in Madison, AL, right next to Harvest so I’m sure we will be out and about this weekend cleaning up too. Glad to hear your family is safe!

  3. Natalie says

    Sending good thoughts to you and yours. It’s hard to prepare yourself for what you’ll see. I thought seeing my mother in law’s house leveled wouldn’t be too bad since I didn’t grow up or spend a ton of time there but it was really overwhelming. But it meant so much to her that we were there and I know it’ll mean a lot to your family and their neighbors that you are there to help. Bring lots of water if you can.

  4. Cosmos says

    Take care. I can’t believe you’re touched by a tornado twice in a year!

    My thoughts are with all the towns hit by storms the past few days.

  5. says

    I’m so glad your family is safe. And I don’t think it’s hippie dippie at all – we’re sending you all of our positive vibes and good thoughts, for your family and your community.

  6. says

    I’ll be praying for your family, your town and the surrounding ones <3 my heart goes out to them! Know that they are being thought of by many.

  7. lauramich says

    Cassie, I’m so sorry. I’m in Missouri, which has also been slammed by tornadoes (last spring and, starting with Branson, this spring). I hoped that the Midwest would be spared the ravaging tornadoes that we got last year, but that appears to not be the case.

    Again, I’m so sorry that this has hit so close to home for you (literally)…

  8. says

    I was afraid to find an entry like this, but even more afraid not to. I’m so relieved that you and Craig and Rory are okay. Isn’t it too early for storm season?

  9. Lisa Broadley says

    I’m glad your family is safe! It was very shocking to read the title of this post. My thoughts are with you and everyone who was affected.

  10. patti says

    I’ve been to Pekin many times, I hate to think about what this storm did. So glad your family is okay…thinking about everyone in your hometown…

  11. says

    Oh my gosh :( I’m glad everyone was okay. The tornado’s effects were so wide-spread across the US – devastating is right. Thinking of you and your family.

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