things i’m digging…

1. Daylight Saving Time.

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I know a lot of folks moan and groan when DST starts, but for me, it signals the start of a much happier time. I’ve packed away my light therapy box and I am fully ready to embrace DST and all it has to offer. More daylight in the evening means that I am a happier Cass with lots of time to shoot photos for this here blog. Even though I had to lose a precious hour of my weekend, I love the lighter, brighter evenings.

2. Amazon Subscribe and Save.

It’s like magic. I push a button and low-cost, organic and natural foods show up on my doorstep every month. Magic. Dangerous, wallet-draining magic. But magic, nonetheless. I love that I can cancel my shipments at anytime. It’s actually made it to where I don’t buy nearly as much when I go grocery shopping. My goal is that between Subscribe & Save, a hefty garden and the farmer’s market, I’ll barely have to step foot in a grocery store this summer.

3. PB2.

All the flavor of peanut butter but with only 85% of the calories? Love, love, love. By using the chocolate PB2 and water instead of Nutella in my Nutella Chocolate Cake, it ends up being a 190 calorie treat for the whole recipe! We bought two jars last week and are almost all the way through them. I see a bulk order in our very near future.

4. The NCAA March Madness Live Subscription.

For a girl who is a huge basketball fan but doesn’t have TV, $3.99 is a steal to be able to watch all the games on my laptop, iPad and iPhone. Totally worth $4.

5. Vacation.

Three more days until I am on my way to the beach. So. Excited.

What are you digging?


  1. Laurel says

    I’ve been thinking about getting PB2 for years now, but haven’t actually gone for it. I feel like I should, considering at least 50% of by excess body weight was conceived in the darkness of a peanut butter binge. The big question: does PB@ satisfy your craving for peanut butter with a handful of calories saved, or, does it emboldened you to eat more than a fair share because, well, it’s lighter than the regular stuff?

    P.S. as a Syracuse graduate, this year’s March Madness will either be my glorious rebirth or my total destruction.

  2. Lina says

    I love Amazon’s subscription service! In fact, I just ordered organic unsweetened soy milk from them (Pacific brand, 12 x 32 oz cartons per order).

  3. Lindsey says

    Subscribe and Save has been a miracle for us with busy school and work schedules. I would normally agree with you on DST but my 21 mth old is having the most horrible time adjusting to the hour change.

    • Cassie says

      Subscribe and save is so amazing! And I’d imagine the time change is rough for the little ones that can’t read clocks. :(

  4. says

    Never heard of PB2. I definitely must check it out! I am a huge fan of Springing Forward. Having the extra daylight at the end of the day is the best!

    I’m digging thus unseasonably warm weather in New England. 70 degrees in March? I’ll take it! (although it does make me nervous for how hot summer will be!)

  5. Tori says

    I think I missed your original blog- where are you guys going on vaca? Is Rorey coming with to the beach too? =)

  6. says

    I buy stuff from Amazon way too much!! And I LOVE the chocolate PB2. I go through it way too quickly and need to buy the large bags of it from their website!
    I am NOT digging Daylight Savings yet- because of the morning. It’s pitch black when I drive to work and it’s been killing me all week! I do love the extra daylight at night though- I guess my body will adjust.
    YAY for vacation!!

  7. says

    Isn’t PB2 great? My favorite thing to do is mix the powder with plain or vanilla Greek yogurt and then add a little bit of honey; you can either eat it plain like that or dip apples or bananas in it. It also works well in oatmeal.

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