things i’m digging: vacation edition

1. Teal Braided Flat Sandals from Target

These sandals make my feet happy. The teal color is bright and vibrant and I love the way they look on my feet. I thought they’d be uncomfortable, but I’ve been wearing them all around and they’ve been great from day one. Perfect sandals for going from a day on the beach out to a nice dinner.

2. My Kindle

I know my Kindle (named Peeta, in case you were wondering) has already made it in one of these posts, but it deserves a second appearance because it’s true genius isn’t evident until you read on it for hours and hours oceanside. I don’t know how they did it, but this thing is magic. How is it possible that with the sun blaring down this close to the equator, I can still read with no problem? Sorcery, I say.

3. Caribbean Joe Hardside Orange Spinner Luggage

We’ve had this luggage for over a year and I just absolutely adore it. It is sturdy and protective and super easy to spot at baggage claim. It rolls beautifully and I love that it makes a statement while we’re strolling through the airport. It’s been through quite a few domestic and international trips over the past year and it looks just as good as it did on the day we bought it.

4. Shirred Halter Swimsuit from Walmart

I know. A swimsuit from Walmart. But this sucker is a-freaking-mazing. The quality is top-notch, the fit is perfect and the price is totally right. I have it in red and teal and I’m thinking about buying it in every other color they have. Before I found this one, I actually shelled out over $100 to get a similar suit from a major retailer and I am much happier with the quality and cut of the Walmart version.

5. Coconut Water Piña Coladas

I am not the originator of this genius drink, but I’m definitely one of its biggest fans. I love the piña colada flavor without all the sugar and calories. Plus, I like to think the coconut water’s hydrating properties helps cancel out the rum’s dehydrating ones. Or something like that. I’ve also been drinking my fair share of regular piña coladas and margaritas, but the coconut water variety is my “go to”.

What are you digging?


  1. says

    I am loving all of these things that you posted!!!
    I hate buying bathing suits (HATE) but will have to look for this one- it is super cute! (And I’m a fan of anything slimming!)
    I am in desperate need of new luggage- glad to know that you like this one so much. I am definitely going to be checking it out!
    I am digging my Prana sundresses- they are the BEST!

  2. says

    Just wanted to pop back to this post to let you know I had picked up that swimsuit on your recommendation and finally got to wear it over the holiday weekend – absolutely LOVE IT.

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