1. My laziness is so pervasive that I rarely heat up my lunch at work because it requires a 30 second walk to the microwave and I just cannot be bothered to do that. I eat so much food cold that should probably be heated up. Cold spaghetti really isn’t all that bad, though.

2. I have so many things going on that I haven’t mentioned on here. Big, scary, awesome things. To give you an idea: you are reading the blog of the owner of not one, but two officially registered and licensed companies. That is terrifying. Exciting, but terrifying. I’m an entrepreneur, people! Or something like that. Life is about to get a lot more busy.

3. Sometimes I wish it was possible for neither team to win a sporting event. This is one of those times. I may have said to a co-worker that I hope the stadium implodes. That is taking it too far, but, yeah…GO BUCKEYES! Big Ten, forever, baby.

4. I don’t believe in a lot of the things I’m learning in my food safety class inΒ culinary school. It breaks my heart to have to select “only purchase food in sealed packaging from a manufacturer” and “do not purchase food from vendors that aren’t pre-approved” as the correct answers to a question about how to protect the food supply. I feel like some of the best food on the planet comes from the small-time farmer and is not pre-packaged. But I guess that’s the difference between a home cook and a restaurant chef who is responsible for the well-being of hundreds of people (which I have no desire to ever be, by the way). Side note: reading about foodborne parasites? Not fun.

5. Like everyone else in the history of ever, I’m totally obsessed with the Hunger Games. I went all fangirly when I first read the books a few years ago, and the movie has reignited my obsession. It also helps that Babyface is equally obsessed. On our way home from our (first) viewing of the movie, he said, “I have a celebrity crush on Jennifer Lawerence.” and I said, “Duh, who doesn’t?” Get in line, buddy.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. says

    Confession: I’m the only person in the world (apparently) that isn’t interested in the Hunger Games. I also don’t like to read fiction (gasp!). I love biographies, memoirs and books about health-related stuff… but just can’t get into fiction anymore. Don’t hate me!

  2. says

    If I’m not mistaken, is that a ServSafe book? I had to get certified for that, too! I majored in Nutrition, Fitness, and Health and dietetics. I’m sure food safety applies to those working in restaurants, but in real life? It’s probably used minimally! I don’t take the temperature of the chicken before I serve my food to my family!

  3. says

    I can’t get to the link from my phone, but you must watch the beanie babies adaptation of the Hunger Games. I almost cried.

    Two businesses? Huzzah!

  4. says

    Hey, hey, hey now! My theory is that you should be rooting for Kentucky to win. Then, you could say that your team was ousted by the eventual champions – you were only beaten by the best – so who knows what might have happened if you were in a different bracket?

    p.s. I can rationalize almost any fan situation into a pro-Kentucky one! :)

    • Cassie says

      Nice try, my dear, but it’s written in my birth certificate that I’m not allowed to ever cheer for Kentucky. Just like I can never cheer for Rick Pitino.

      • says

        I agree with Cassie! If you live in Bloomington, you’re, by law, not allowed to root for Kentucky or Illinois in any sporting event.

        And my mom and dad both went to Ohio State, so I have no qualms about saying, “Go buckeyes!” (But only if IU has been eliminated already).

  5. says

    There are a lot of leftovers I actually prefer to eat cold – spaghetti and mac n cheese topping those charts. I also like to throw cold leftovers on a few cups of mixed greens for a nice, hearty salad.

  6. says

    hahaha on your confession number one: when life gets hectic for me (like right meow), I start eating creamed corn and baked beans cold from the can. I’ve also been eating cold veggie pakora that I bought in bulk from Costco. Cold food is delicious πŸ˜€

    And congrats on your businesses! That IS exciting!

  7. Tiffany says

    Cold spaghetti & cold pizza(!!!) = AWESOME!!!

    Confession: Total Hoosier Kentucky fans here! I know, I know but I married into a UK crazy family, so I had to take one for the team πŸ˜‰

  8. Zoe says

    There’s a pretty big difference between buying for yourself, and buying for a restaurant and a facility where food safety is paramount (nursing homes, day care centers, hospitals…).

    ServSafe has to err on the side of caution. The makers of the book don’t know if you run a food blog, an organic kitchen, or a hospital kitchen.

    • Cassie says

      Yup, and I definitely understand that. And am glad that it’s in place so I can feel confident my food is safe when I go out to eat. :)

  9. patti says

    confessions…I also often don’t take the time to heat up my food at work…you’re right, cold spaghetti is not bad…another confession…I HATE Kentucky…having grown up in the southern part of the state, you have to hate UK, and I’m no fan of Pitino either…go Buckeyes! If Purdue was playing Kentucky you better believe I’d be rooting for Purdue (cough, cough…that’d be hard to do, but I’d do it) Another confession, I owned my own business for 13 years (a small pizza restaurant in Mitchell)…and am getting the hankering for starting another business…yikes!

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