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Have you heard of Foodie Penpals? It’s the brainchild of Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean. Each month, hundreds of bloggers and readers come together to do a massive food gift exchange. Lindsay sends us our matches at the beginning of the month, we head out and spend $15 getting some awesome foodie loot and then send it off to our match. In the mean time, your match is doing the same for you and by the middle of the month, you get an awesome food-filled package in the mail. It’s a pretty sweet deal.

This month, I got an awesome package in the mail from Abby at The Closet Files. She was amazing and worked with me to make sure I got my box before we left on vacation. And she tossed in some great road trip snacks and drinks. Which we definitely used while driving down the interstate.

In my box of goodies was some trail mix, banana chips, a delicious blackberry Izze, a green tea, a single serving Nutella (!) and some incredible coffee!

I was so excited about the coffee that I whipped up a “pot” of French press with it while I packaged up my own Foodie Penpal gift pack. It was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Yum!

Thank you so much, Abby! You knocked it out of the park with your selections.

Interested in joining the Foodie Penpal program? Head on over and fill out the form. I highly recommend it!

The Lean Green Bean

Wondering what I sent out? Head on over to Anna’s blog to check out what goodies I picked up for her.

Did you ever have a penpal?

I had a few growing up, but nothing long term. I joined a lot of those international pen pal networks and it was fun to get postcards from all over the world as a kid.


  1. says

    I need to join… I say that every month. :)
    I love getting things in the mail- even if it’s just a card! My friend and I would send mail once a week to each other in grad school. Sometimes it was a letter, other times just a funny newspaper clipping or photo. I need to start that up again!

  2. says

    This is AMAZING! I totally just went and signed up. I had a pen pal when I was a teenager through a youth magazine I subscribed to, but we lost touch. I love pen pal type things!

  3. Jenny says

    A couple bloggers that I follow participate in this and its always fun to see what people send. I love that you sent Needmore Oatcakes!! That’s my friend Susan’s company and she’s gonna be so thrilled when I tell her about this! A few years ago when I was commuting from Btown to Indy for my job I would deliver some boxes to one of the grocery’s up there and she paid me in oatcakes. Best. paycheck. ever. :)

    • Cassie says

      Tell her that OATCAKES ARE MY FAVORITE THING EVER. My husband keeps saying I need to recreate them, but I just tell him that there is no way I can replicate the perfection that is the chocolate chip oatcake. SO GOOD.

  4. says

    I just signed up for my own foodie pen pal!! I am not sure I have been quite this excited about having a pen pal since the 3rd grade. I still remember her name, Claire…from England!

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