1. This cake and these cupcakes are in my freezer. It takes about every ounce of willpower I have to not come home every afternoon and shotgun frozen baked goods into my piehole cakehole.

2. I had really hard time breathing while running on the treadmill this past weekend and it scared the living beejeebees out of me. I had sharp pains in my lungs and started wheezing like it was my job. It wasn’t entirely a surprise. I was diagnosed with hypersensitivity pneumonitis and exercise-induced asthma a few years ago and given a rescue inhaler. Since I lost weight and started getting fit, I haven’t had any problems and tossed my inhaler in the trash a while back. It looks like the combo of Tabata sprints, insanely high pollen levels and my extra weight means I might need to get another one. Not excited about that.

3. I’ve been sorely neglecting my to do list this week so I can catch up on episodes of Parenthood on Hulu. OH EM GEE, guys. That show makes me cry every damn episode. I will always and forever love Lorelai.

4. Because of #3, I’m feeling really, crazy overwhelmed. I need another vacation. Or to turn off the damn TV and be productive.

5. I’ve been listening to the 90s Pop station on Pandora almost exclusively lately. Currently playing? “Miami” by Will Smith. OOOH! Now it’s Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch. THIS IS AWESOME.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. Ashley B. says

    Point me in the right direction if you’ve already discussed this, but…

    I’ve been hunting for the best/most practical ereader. My husband is encouraging me to buy an ipad because of its multiple uses, but I see that YOU (an enthusiastic ipad user) have a kindle. How do the two different devices suit your reading lifestyle? Do you have a preference for one device over the other?

    • Cassie says

      I love them both, but the Kindle is the only thing I read on. Reading on an iPad outside (where I love to read most) is almost impossible because of the glare on the glass screen. And even reading indoors I get a lot of eyestrain because it’s backlit. It’s like reading an entire book on a tiny computer monitor. I use my iPad for lots of other things (work, mostly) but the Kindle is where it’s at for reading.

  2. Sat Deva says

    I was diagnosed asthma when I was around 2 years old, and I lived my life with an inhaler, but I found yoga breathing exercises (pranayams) Kundalini Yoga has a particular one call breath of fire. It change my life girl, it cleans your lungs and expand their capacity. My english is not that goog to explain it here for you but if you are interested i´ll work it out

  3. says

    Joseph Pilates started Pilates initially to help him deal with his asthma. The deep breaths associated with the movements help a lot to expand lungs and get fresh air in there. Since beginning Pilates, my lung capacity has increased, and I have found that I get sick much less often! Might want to give it a try? Just make sure that whatever program you use emphasizes the breathing along with the movements. :)

    And I know what you mean about needing a vacation. One month until I graduate from college, and boy do they like to pile the work on at the very last minute!

  4. says

    I saw your Good Vibrations quotes on Twitter yesterday and had that song in my head all. day. It reminds me of going rollerskating in the early 90s! I grew up rollerskating to Ice Ice Baby and Pray by MC Hammer. And, of course, Good Vibrations. I think I need a fun 90s Pandora station in my life.

  5. Carol S. says

    It’s so nice to see someone who loves Lorelai as much as I do! (I often get made fun of for what some consider to be a less then sophisticated choice in show love)I have all the gilmore girls seasons and just finished rewatching them with my daughter. Parenthood is what fills the hole Gilmore girls left : )

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