things i’m digging…

1. Dropbox.

You guys have heard of Dropbox, right? And you’re using it every single day, right? No!? What!?

Dropbox is my single most favorite online utility ever. Basically, you set up a free account, set it up on all your devices and you have an instant file storing and sharing folder. Need to access a file you were working on at home from your work computer? BAM. Put it in the Dropbox and it’s automagically there. Saved an important document to your computer but need to access it on the go? You can from the Dropbox mobile apps or website. I actually don’t even store stuff on my computer hardrive anymore. I never have to email myself files or say, “Oh, that’s on my home computer, I’ll get it to you tomorrow.” My favorite part is that there is no uploading. Dropbox is just setup as a folder on my computer like any other folder. I drag a file into that folder and it magically uploads it and distributes it to all my devices. It’s the cloud, friends!

Worth noting, I know this sounds like a paid review, but I promise it isn’t. I just get ridiculously excited about cool free tools. If you sign up through my link, I do get more space added to my account, which would be cool, but I mostly just want you to experience the awesome that is Dropbox.

2. My slow cooker.

It’s no secret that I have a serious love affair with my slow cooker, but I’ve been really putting ole Hammy to use a lot lately. I think the slow cooker is the single most important kitchen gadget for busy folks. You don’t even need a recipe! You can pretty much throw anything into the slow cooker and after 8-10 hours of simmering, it’ll be tender and delicious. We had pot roast this past weekend. And it was amazing. And took me all of 10 minutes to throw together in the morning.

3. Online window shopping.

The Johnston pay-off-debt budget plan has seriously cut into my cute clothes fund, but, for now, browsing the internet for beautiful things is satisfying my craving. I love all the clothes ever.ย Check out my fashion board on Pinterest for the sources of all of these beautiful things. Fake shopping is so much less stressful than real shopping anyway.

4. Composting.

We started composting (with a little patio-sized compost tumbler) this Fall and it has been amazing! Since we eat so many whole foods, our trash was always packed with things like egg shells, potato skins and lettuce leaves. But now, our trash output has been reduced by a ton, and we are creating an awesome, healthy mix for plants. I was worried we’d fill up the tumbler too quickly, but the compost is doing its thang and even after over six months of scraps put in, it’s only about 1/4 full. Composting is cool!

5. This quote.


Nuff said.

What are you digging?

You know what I’m not digging? My blog being so slow lately. So sorry for that! I’m working on it, I promise. Thanks for sticking with me.


  1. Angie says

    My slowcooker is definitely my favorite kitchen gadget! I use it all the time. It makes life for this momma so much easier.

    I’ve been doing a lot of window shopping lately too. Now if I just had money to purchase all those awesome goodies. Oh and I’m now following you on pinterest!!!

    Have a good Tuesday friend!!!

  2. Julie says

    Compost is so cool. They do it all the time in some European countries. I wish it would catch on in the states. It’s a great substitute for store-bought soil, but my siblings and I would always count on the compost heap for our worms (for fishing of course)!

    • Cassie says

      I used Google Docs, too, but Dropbox holds any kind of file, so I use it a lot. I hold a ton of photos, Photoshop files, etc. in there.

    • says

      Google just debuted their Google Drive feature which seems like it will work a whole lot like Dropbox. There’s a 5MB limit, I think with Drive. Is there a limit with Dropbox?

      • Cassie says

        They debuted it like an hour after this post went up! There is a 2GB limit on Dropbox. I immediately went and signed up for Google Drive and am now using both of them. :)

  3. says

    Hey! I’ve been trying to compost with a similar contraption, but things don’t seem to be “working”! Are you just putting scraps in there or are you using any special additive? I’ve heard there are enzymes that can be used to help?

    Love your posts about what you’re currently diggign!

    • Cassie says

      You have to make sure to get the right mix of scraps from the kitchen and what composters call “browns” which are dried leaves, shredded newspapers, etc. But there is also enzymes (you can just get them at any hardware store) that can take all the guesswork out of it. :)

  4. says

    I haven’t heard of drop-box but need to set up an account! I have a PC at work and Macs at home, so this would be a great way to be able to access everything. Yay!
    We’ve been composting for about 2 years, but have never actually USED the compost for anything. I just like that it decreases the amount of stuff we throw away. Between composting and recycling, we usually only have one (small) bag of trash each week, if that.
    I love these posts. :)

  5. says

    LOVE dropbox! And we’re going to be building a garden box soon to move the ‘garden’ outside and I just recently started looking in composting. I can’t wait to start!

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