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Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a fantastic weekend.

It’s time again to share the loot that I scored through the Foodie Penpal program this month. Not sure what it means to be a Foodie Penpal? Well, basically, we are a group of food-loving bloggers and readers that get together and exchange food-filled care packages once a month. I absolutely love giving and receiving foodie gifts. I highly recommend joining if you love food and love getting stuff in the mail (who doesn’t?).

This month, I got a rockin’ package from Cheryl over at Live Fit Daily. She hooked me up with a boatload of goodies from New Hampshire! I stoked to find out that New Hampshire is famous for their maple syrup production and Cheryl made sure to include some maple-y treats for me and the syrup-sucking Babyface. Plus some delicious kettle corn that supposedly the best in New Hampshire (I believe it!). She also included the MOST DELICIOUS NO BAKES EVER ON THE PLANET. Seriously, these were life-changing.

And being truly awesome, Cheryl also clued into my love for sparkly nail polish and hooked me up with the beautiful, glitter-y pink color. Which is currently on my toes as I type this. Good work, Cheryl. Good. Work.

Thank you so much for my package, Cheryl! And a big thank you to Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean for being the supremo maestro of this whole mega swap party every month. Unfortunately, this will be my last Foodie Penpal swap for a while because we’re really trying to tighten our budget, but I highly recommend it to everyone! I can’t wait to get back into the swap once moving costs have settled down a bit.

Curious what I sent? Head on over to The Little Spoon Blog to check out the gluten-free goodies I shipped out to Katie.


  1. says

    Woah woah woah. Your foodie penpal is from my neck of the woods! That vegan cookie is from a place down the street from my apartment!

    I always think of Vermont as the huge maple syrup state in New England, but I’m pretty sure the rest of NH that’s not part of the Seacoast cranks out a lot of the stuff, too.

    I’m super excited you have all sorts of NH goodies!

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