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Ah, yes. A freshly-minted month. 31 days of possibility. I love it! I don’t know what it is about the first of the month that inspires such change in me (after all, 31 days is 31 days regardless of when it starts) but the beginning of the month is such a good time for me. I feel like anything can happen. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I can seriously kick some ass.

With all that being said, my monthly goals lately have been a big fat steaming pile of failure. I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I write those goals with every intent of fulfilling them, but within a week, I not only fail at them, but totally forget about them. I actually had to Google my own post for April to remind myself what my goals were (taking my multivitamin and tracking food). Sad, right?

It occurred to me that I need a visual and ever-present reminder of my goals. AND I need to incentivize the hell out of them. Arts and crafts time, kids!

First up, the visual reminder. For my three goals for this month, I created a calendar chart that I get to cross-off, fill-up and fill-out all month-long. I’m a visual person (if you couldn’t tell from my fine arts degree or creative job) and I’m sure this will help keep my three goals at the tippy top of my priority list. The three goals are:

  1. Drink four liters of water daily.
  2. Track food daily.
  3. Complete at least 10 fitness minutes daily.

I even got myself a nice stack of gold stars for the days I complete all three. I love gold stars!

Next part of the puzzle—incentives. While health and general personal betterment should be big enough motivations for me, the truth is, they aren’t. So while I’m working on introducing certain habits into second-nature, I need a little monetary push. Enter this stack of 31 one dollar bills, y’all.

Add those 31 bills to two Mason jars and we’e got ourselves an incentive program!

One jar is my fund. Each day I complete all three goals, a dollar goes into my jar. At the end of the month, I get to spend that cash in the jar on whatever I want. New nail polish. Starbucks. New sunglasses. Whatever! On the flip side, if I don’t hit all three goals in a day, the dollar for that day goes into the other, much more boring jar. At the end of the month, the contents of that jar will be sent to our emergency fund. Never to be touched by a sparkly nail polish purchase. Sad, right? I want all thirty-one of those bills to have a happy life of consumerism. Not some sad existence sitting around waiting for a rainy day.

So there you have it. Hopefully this system will help me be able to check my three May goals off as successful in a few weeks.

EDIT: A few folks have asked for me to share my chart. Here you go. Print away!

What do you want to accomplish in May?


  1. says

    Cassie… You really are inspiring with how honest, funny and interesting you keep your blog. Too much reading GOMI has made me feel weird about saying it as a comment on your blog lest I sound fake, but then again, damn you deserve recognition! Good luck with your goals! (although 4 litres a day sounds a and terrifying amount of water!) xx

  2. says

    I love the incentives, I’m totally going to steal that. Maybe next month..this month is going to be more of the same for me, no drinking until my holiday mid month, concentrate on not spending money, exercise 3 times a week and swap out some of the fruit I eat for more protein and vegetables. Good luck with yours…

  3. Mia says

    You genius! I love mason jars and monthly goals and I love ticking stuff off my calendars (actually, I already do the last two :) I’m gonna steal your mason jar trick!!

  4. Angie says

    What a seriously cool idea! Can’t wait to see if this helps ya accomplish those goals. Kick butt girlie and take names :)

  5. Carey says

    You should put a link to your calendar here so that (I don’t have to make my own) I can join in the fun. I have the same goals this month. :)

  6. Erika says

    I love that calendar! What a neat idea. :)

    Also, I wanted to let you know that indirectly, you’ve been helping me meet my own goals. I borrowed your idea of “fitness minutes” and not only did I meet my goal for April I exceeded it!!

    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. It’s appreciated.

  7. Dannii says

    This is inspo-tastic! I might be in the middle of a workday, but I’m already thinking about all the pretty colours my May chart is going to be… You’re a constant source of motivation (creepy side: I happen to think of you every time I made your delicious ‘Mama’s Meatloaf’ for shabbat dinner. It’s so yum!) Thanks for sharing all your tips!

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