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We had a conversation about salmon at work last week. We were talking about eating salmon for breakfast, which logically led to talking about lox and BAM—I had to have some. So I ran to the store after work and bought a package and have been shoveling whole wheat mini bagels, neufchâtel cheese and lox into my piehole ever since. So. Good.


Oh. Em. Gee, guys. It’s May. I love Christmas and all, but this is the most wonderful time of my year. May is such a big, freaking deal in my family. Out of all the sporting events in the world, the Indianapolis 500 is the one that moves me to my core. I literally cry the first time I see the track every May. This is how I feel right about now.

3. Parks and Recreation

We tried watching this show when it first came out and didn’t love it. But we gave it another go and after a few episodes, it got much better. Now I’m totally into it! I’m glad they made Leslie a little less crazypants and slowed down on the Indiana bashing. I love, love, love seeing my favorite local beer in the episodes each week. And it makes me laugh. I like laughing!

4. Spotify.

Alright, I know I’m way late to the party, but I finally downloaded Spotify and I’m kinda obsessed with it. I’ve always said that I love music, but hate finding music. I listed to the radio (and Pandora) all the time because I just can’t be bothered to search out for new stuff. I always just wanted people to give me pre-made playlists for certain themes, times and moods.THAT HAPPENS ON SPOTIFY. If I want to hear all the hip-hop hits from 1997, I can! If I want to play an oldies playlist, I can! Sometimes I even just search for things like “music to write to” or “happy music” and there are playlists that someone else put the time in to make. Love.

5.Batiste Dry Shampoo.

My colorist recommended I invest in some dry shampoo when I first put colored streaks in my hair. Because they fade so quickly, she said it’d be best if I only wash my hair once or twice a week. Dry shampoo helps me do that without looking like a dirty hippie. I’ve tried quite a few different brands, but Batiste is available almost everywhere, it’s cheap, works well, and doesn’t smell nasty.

What are you digging?



  1. says

    Oooh, lox and cream cheese on a bagel- that sounds SO GOOD right now!!!
    I love Parks and Rec- but I just got “back” into it this season. I watched the first season, and then just kind of lost interest. But then I started hearing about how much people loved it, and gave it another shot. I even subscribed to Hulu Plus, just so I could catch up on past seasons. And Rob Lowe is “LIT-RA-LEE” in the role of his life here. :)

  2. Julie says

    I literally just screamed a little when I saw #3. I llove Parks and Recreation! It’s so funny I breezed right through it on Netflix. I was wondering when/if you’d start watching it :) Ron Swanson has to be one of the best characters on television right now.

  3. says

    Parks and Rec is one of my FAVORITE shows on TV. I agree that the first season wasn’t that strong, but it really hit its stride in Season 2 and now it’s just genius every single week. Also, LOX LOVE! I would eat it for breakfast every day if it wasn’t so damn expensive! Guff.

  4. says

    With you for the lox, dry shampoo and spotify. Parks and Recreation doesn’t air here that I’m aware of and May is my sad month as it’s the end of the football (I refuse to call it soccer!) season, although this year we have the Euros in June!

  5. Rikk says

    Add me a few slices of red onion on that bagel with lox and I’m a happy, happy, stinky woman! I just wish lox weren’t so high in sodium… : ( not so good for the bod or the blood pressure. I try to only indulge once in a while when I’m home visiting family.

    Need to check out spotify. Is there a time limit to how much you can listen like Pandora? My hubs just graduated from chiropractic school and we are opening his first office and have been waffling back and forth about how we are going to do music in the office. I know, critical detail, right? : )

  6. Brandi says

    Ok first, I lol’d when I clicked the Kermit graphic link. 2nd, can you tell me where in this town you find Batiste? I’ve looked and end up having to order it on Amazon. I heart dry shampoo too!

  7. Moober says

    I am digging the fact that our 5th anniversary is on Saturday and we’re doing a Cinco de (Kentucky)Derby Anniversary party in celebration. I can’t wait. :)

  8. says

    I love Parks and Rec too! I loved it for the EXACT same reason you did, that they drink Upland throughout the series. The first season is pretty meh, but I love the seasons after it. It’s pretty much the only TV show I watch!

    Ted’s and my 2 year anniversary is also on Saturday, and we’re taking a trip up to northern Vermont! We’re looking forward to relaxing for a weekend and I’m going to try to stay unplugged the entire time. I can do it!

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