1. I check Twitter no less than 200 times a day. I have TweetDeck open all the time on all of my computers, and I constantly am switching back to it to see if anyone has updated in the last 30 seconds. It’s a problem, really.

2. I am irrationally disappointed that we never got to meet Puppyface as a puppy. She was almost a year when we got her, but I would have loved to see her as a little, fluffy, floppy, silly puppy. I’m so overwhelmed by her cuteness now, I can’t even imagine the cute factor when she was actually a puppy face.

3. I’m having a few pangs of sadness about leaving Bloomington. It’s particularly bad right now because the students are packing up and heading out. Summer in Bloomington is the most amazing thing. Imagine half the population of your town suddenly left for three months. Now imagine it is the loud, obnoxious half. Amazing, right? The streets are clear. The restaurants aren’t busy. The parks are empty. The sidewalks are quiet. Parking is abundant. It becomes a whole new town. It’s incredible. But not as incredible as our new home.

4. I really like the new Justin Bieber song. Judge me however you deem fit.

5. I dread every. single. workout. I’ve never, in my life, been excited to sweat. I do it because I have to (just like showering). I could literally never workout again and be perfectly happy. This is not good. If anyone knows how to change me into one of those people who craves exercise, I’ll pay your handsomely for your knowledge. And by handsomely, I mean with a plate of cookies and a Parks and Recreation marathon on my couch.

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Do you have any confessions to share?



  1. alicia says

    i too, am kinda (ok, more than that) obsessed with the new j.biebs song – so catchy!
    …and i feel you on the college town, it’s so nice to have the peace and quiet back once the students leave!
    [ i must admit, them all here certain keeps things lively 😀 ]

  2. Karen says

    I thought I was the only one who feels bad about missing my shelter-dog’s puppyhood! Our Bernese-Pyranese mix would’ve been a cottony fluff of cuteness that we would’ve spoiled rotten. Instead her first nine months were spent on a chain outside. :-( Mean people suck!

  3. says

    I hate working out/sweating. I always have. And I’m REALLY bad at motivating myself to just go DO IT (like you do). Because I just won’t. So I’ve had to find things that I really enjoy that get me moving and then I don’t even notice that I’m getting sweaty or dirty or physically exerting myself. Like horseback riding – I had no idea what a workout it was (all the work in the barn and with the horses before/after riding, too)! And ice skating – it’s fun, and you get to stay cool the whole time. I love Pilates, and when it’s really nice outside I’ll go for a 3 mile brisk walk around the neighborhood (which does get sweaty in the summer, but, like you said, it’s a good motivation to shower). My sister is the opposite – she craves spinning classes (which she actually teaches, ugh) and Cross Fit and marathons – I have no idea how we came from the same set of parents. None.

  4. Sarah says

    I know what you mean about when people leave for the summer and it’s like a different city you live in! I’m in Sarasota, and while I think it so great that people from all over come to vacay here, it makes things a little tougher during season, but the rest of the year (despite the heat) is SOOOOO worth living here :)

  5. Helen says

    I totally agree with you on Bloomington in the summer. I like living here for about 8 months out of the year, but I love living here for the other 4 glorious, summer months. While Bloomington would be nowhere as great as it is without the university, I’m just so thankful for our peaceful, summer respite. Now, if we could just fix this humidity that is already creeping in….

  6. Melanie says

    I used Groupon, Living Social etc to try a ton of different gyms and fitness classes, I like working out but get bored. I think the biggest thing is not only finding what you like to do but finding a great environment to do it in, especially a great motivating teacher and fun people to workout with. I ended up finding an awesome kickboxing studio and love going, I look forward to it every time even though it’s the hardest workout I’ve ever done! Love TRX also, strongest core I’ve EVER had!

  7. Laurel says

    I totally get you on the exercise thing. It’s often a huge mental production for me to start a workout, even though I KNOW how good I’ll feel afterwards and how healthy it is for me to get some activity. I actually found it a lot easier to get motivated once I had already lost some weight. My workout clothes fit better, my thighs didn’t rub so much, my boobs didn’t bounce so violently, my joints didn’t ache, and really, everything just became easier. For the first time a “light jog” could be just that, light, rather than a huge, sweaty, messy, lung-burning, leg crushing undertaking. It allowed be to start just enjoying the way my body felt when it moved.

    Just keep on keepin’ on. Day by day, activity by activity. You’ll find something you enjoy and that feels nice!

  8. Lindsey Stu says

    I’m telling you, try Insanity. I hated every single workout, have always been overweight and it’s completely changed my mind. Once you accompish something that insanely hard, you feel a lot more motivated. Plus it moves super fast so it’s over before you know it.

  9. says

    This is one of the reasons why I will always be a puppy person. I love my boys just as they are now, obviously, but I have such amazing memories of them as little puppies — even with all of the whining and pooping and peeing and chewing of things (hindsight is 20/20, right? Hahaha).

    Hard as it is for me to believe, though, I do know people who really aren’t puppy people! My friends got a puppy last year and they said they will only adopt older dogs now because it was so horrific for them. I guess there really are different strokes for different folks.

    • Cassie says

      We’re totally that way. As much as I’d love to see The PF as a puppy, we’ll only adopt older dogs from here on out. Her transition into our lives was SO seamless. I’ve done the puppy thing and it was kinda hell for a year.

  10. says

    If you ever figure out how to crave workouts please share the wealth! I always struggle with getting out there…and I really only do workouts because I feel like I “have to”, not necause I want to!

  11. lauramich says

    Coming from another Midwestern college town (two states to your west), I have to agree that the town becomes much more pleasant when the students are gone. I work at Big State U, and I still breathe a (slightly guilty) sigh of pleasure and relief at not having to fight traffic in the mornings, being able to get in to “hot spot” restaurants more easily, and so forth.

  12. Cosmos says

    I’m with you on working out! My fondness goes in streaks, and most of the time I just tell myself that I didn’t hate doing it.

    Give me a book any day. Podcasts are a little motivating, but not much.

  13. says

    The only time I truly loved exercise was when I was teaching aerobics classes in the 90s and into the early part of 2000s. I could make my own mixes, whip up my own choreography on the spot, fulfill my childhood dream of being a solid gold dancer by teaching cardio dance or hip hop and have a room full of 30 to 100 people follow along and hoot and holler. Now I run and swim and no one seems interested in following me or hooting and hollering when I say to them “you are an athlete!” — they just look at me funny.

    On the puppy front — our puppy is becoming a non-puppy and I am sad by that and trying to soak up every moment as she continues to grow like a weed.

  14. cathy says

    I too dread exercising, but maybe we can do lunges and squats during the parks and rec marathon? 😉 I love the Beiber song too.

  15. Melissa says

    I check Twitter non-stop at night. I need more California tweeps because after midnight, my timeline is boring.

    WORKING at a large, urban university, I LOVE the summer here. Mostly for the quiet sidewalks and plentiful parking.

    I hate working out, sweating and being active in general. I love naps, bunches.

    I don’t have any good confessions of my own – other than I ate a whole package of purple Peeps this week and they made me feel like a hot air balloon.

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