1. I don’t get cat people. Seriously. Cats are fine and all, but to be really into them? Totally don’t get it. Dogs are a whole different story. I totally get dog people. Dogs are totally obsess-able.

2. I went to bed before it was dark out last night. And it wasn’t the first time this week.

3. I’ve been listening to The Shins almost exclusively at work this week. I went through a big phase with them in college, and it happened to coincide with my must-pull-lots-of-all-nighters-to-finish-my-thesis phase. Now I have a Pavlovian response to their music. It comes on, I work in crazy overdrive mode. It’s a quite effective technique when I need to accomplish an insane amount of work in a short period of time. It does make it rather hard to actually enjoy The Shins, though. Which sucks, because they are a wicked good band. It also gives me an unbelievable urge to shotgun Sparks and heat up a Michelina’s frozen macaroni and cheese. Oh, college. You were hilarious and unhealthy.

4. I’ve been reading the same book since the last day of my vacation. That was over six weeks ago. That whole “read 50 books in 2012″ goal is not looking so hot.

5.  That picture up there? Yeah, that one. It literally gave me a physical ache. I want to go to there. At this point, I’ll even settle for an afternoon of beer and reading on my couch. Mama needs a break in a bad kinda way.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. says


    I’m not ashamed to say it, I hate them.

    I had a cat once when I was in high school and we couldn’t stand each other. I ended up having to give her to a friend because she drove me up a wall. She used to latch onto my ponytail with her claws and she almost ripped my hair out.

    I know she probably wasn’t the norm, but I was already on the fence with that species and she just solidified how much more I love and appreciate dogs. I adore canines. I seriously which I pursued a veterinarian or dog trainer career in lieu of journalism. I’m obsessed with them in a way that makes me like dogs more than people.

    I feel like I’ve been hardcore stalking your blog lately. Forgive me if my comments are excessive. :)

  2. KT says

    #1 totally made me laugh. I love my cats aka the boys aka Irie and Road. Both rescued from the evilness of people who dumped them outside to live a life of despair. My oldest passed in December but I digress. Irie has dog like tendencies – carries balls (tiny ones) around the house in his mouth, wakes me in the morning when he believes it’s time to get up, meets me at the door when I get home, when the front door is open he sits & watches to make sure no one trespasses – lunging at those who try to trespass (he scared the handyman) and he is learning to go outside on a leash & to play fetch. He’s part Siamese & they tend to have dog traits. His older bro is a bit more mellow. Anyway, I get it … dog vs. cat, cat vs. dog. Respect!

    I can’t wait to go back home (Jamaica) to visit the family & friends and take a similar beach photo. November won’t get here fast enough.

  3. says

    I own a cat and I still don’t get cat people. Don’t get me wrong, I love my cat (and my dog) and think she’s pretty cool, but they really are strange animals.

  4. says

    I’m toooootally a cat person. I’m the opposite as you and don’t get why more people aren’t obsessed with cats. They’re awesome, low maintenance, adorable and prissy as all hell. I LOVE THEM.

    And I love The Shins.

  5. Lindsey says

    My hubby is a cat person and we have a 5 yr old cat who is cute and cuddly but soo annoying to me. I totally cannot wait until potty training is finished with my daughter because I have a standing agreement that we can adopt a shelter dog after that.

    I feel you on the vacation front. I just finished my last final today and it’s time to relax and get away..

  6. says

    I have the same music problem with certain pandora stations I created to get my senior sem paper done and over with. I had to delete a few of them because I would just start doing so much crap that I usually got burned out.

  7. says

    100% am a cat person – when a cat loves you, it’s true love (and it’s not easy achieve). Dogs, on the other hand, are essentially sluts – they love anyone who’ll pat and feed them…hehehe! Too easy for me…lol!

  8. says

    I loooooove your “confessions” posts. :)
    And I totally don’t get cat people at all, either. I am a crazy dog lady, and always have been. Then again, I’ve never owned a cat (and have no desire to) so maybe I’d “get it” if I had one? My dad owned a cat and she was super nasty and not loving or friendly at all, so that’s all I have to go by.
    I love the Shins too. I listen to the Colin Hay station on Pandora (best station ever) and they come on often.

  9. says

    Yep. Totally the opposite of you when it comes to animals. I’m SO a cat person, always have been. We always had cats growing up; the times we had dogs were disasterous, to say the least, so my family stuck with cats.

    I’ve never really listened to the Shins. I LOVE Broken Bells, though.

    Can I get a beach vacation, too? I kind of want one.

  10. Shauna says

    I love my cat, but am definitely a dog person. Doug and I would love to one day own a house with a lot of property and open a doggy day-care/in-home kennel. Like the place we send Ozzy, but I don’t know that we’d limit to just one breed. We’re BIG greyhound people, because we just fell in love with the breed, but I could honestly see us with like 4 dogs of different breeds (we are also big dog people. Irish Wolfhounds, Great Danes, Greyhounds, Bull Mastiffs… they make us squee).

  11. Amanda Elliott says

    I’m obsessed with cats! I have a girl(Sushi) and a boy(Buddha)who I couldn’t imagine my life without them. They have such funny and interesting personalities. They are very needy cats. Always meowing for food, lap time, or brushing.

    I love dogs too, I have a chow chow named Meeko who is awesome, but I will always have at least two cats in my life.

  12. Megan says

    I am totally a cat person. I love my cats. When they love you back its amazing. I always here that my cats act like dogs so I have no idea how other cats act. I do love dogs too but having to take them for walks all the time (even in rain and snow) and the poop bags – ah no thanks. My cats are self sufficient and we have this awesome canister called Litter Champ that is like a diaper genie thing and you deposit poo into that and only have to change it once a week. And dogs always drool and I am so clean and feminine so that would drive me nuts getting dirty. But I love other peoples dogs!

  13. Karen says

    Growing up I’ve always been a dog person… but now where I live it’s difficult to own a dog and it’s not fair to the pooch. Six years ago my son was very sick and he lost his laugh, we didn’t know what to do. We rescued a cat from Mexico (I swear she meows in spanish) and she brought him back. She was the distraction he needed. She made him laugh and forget about being sick. For this, I owe everything to that orange fur ball. We named her Bella Boon (beautiful blessing). ((My boy is healthy now and All is Well))

  14. Kim says

    I am a complete Dog freak. I have two male German Shepherds that have been with me for about nine years, I can’t imagine life without them. My 5yr old daughter has two cats and I swear someone told them that hundreds of years ago they were once worshipped, I can tell our female cat hasn’t forgotten that yet……… Grrrr…..

  15. Kat says

    Ack! Cats are amazing!!! I’m so obsessed with mine, he’s so cute and quirky. I am also obsessed with dogs, but man do I love me some cats. I want them all to be my friends.

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