1. My right shoulder has hurt for no less than eight weeks. It’s especially bad at the end of the workday (from using a mouse all day). As in, so bad, I can’t move it. But I refuse to see a doctor. Because every time I’ve gone in for stuff like this they always disregard it as nothing, and I just end up wasting my co-pay. I really need to find a better doctor.

2. I turn 29 next month, and I’m surprisingly freaked out about it. Less in the “OH EM GEE, I’m getting old and wrinkly” way and more in the “Holy crap, this ride is short, and I need to get my shit together” kinda way.

3. I can’t stop staring at my nails. I’m so in love with this manicure.

4. I’m totally and completely obsessed with IndyCar. I try not to share too much of it on the blog because I feel like there are really negative (and not accurate) stigmas of race fans of any motorsport series*, but it’s like…one of the top five loves of my life—slotted right between chocolate and cheese. I have been literally streaming video of cars going around in practice circles for hours daily for the past week. I wish I was kidding. Actually, I don’t. I love it.

*That being said, open-wheel rules, stock car drools.

5. I often feel like I’m the biggest walking contradiction on the planet. Sometimes, I feel like that’s an awesome thing and embrace it. Other times, I feel like that means I’m never going to fit in with anyone ever and that no one will really ever understand me.  #specialsnowflakesyndrome

6. Bonus confession because that was too depressing to end on: I am half way through the current season of Parks and Recreation and I am obsessed (OBSESSED) with the Ben and Leslie pairing (Beslie, if you will). Like, in an unhealthy way. I love them and I want them to get married and have lots of dorky, quirky, adorable fictional babies. Please don’t tell me what happens. Especially if it involves a Beslie breakup. I don’t think I could handle it.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. Monica says

    You really need to follow up on that painful shoulder of yours. I recently went to a orthodpaedic practice and was diagnosed with rotator cuff/bicep impingement issues. My doctor prescribed physical therapy for me and after two sessions per week for four weeks, I now have my mobility back, pretty much pain free, and have hopefully prevented rotator cuff surgery.
    My persistence has paid off and hopefully yours will too. Good luck.

  2. says

    I think your confessions are fun.

    The only one that surprised me was about your shoulder… you don’t have to go to a physician to get that checked out, but maybe a sports medicine clinic? Do you have access to any ergonomic specialists?

  3. says

    I would also suggest qccupuncture if your insurance covers it. Or, in Oregon, they’ve changed the laws so that you can self refer to a physical therapist. In your case where this could be considered a work related hazard, you could get treatment, and occupational therapy. You need to keep looking for a good med professional. I think a pt or accupuncturist would be most sensitive to your needs.

  4. Laura says

    I grew up in Indy until my we were transferred to St Louis when I was in High School. I still LOVE Indycar and have been streaming the practice sessions at work all week!

  5. says

    Hey, hey. Don’t diss stock car too much. It has it’s moments (when our drivers aren’t too busy being douche bags to get their butts around a circle in a timely fashion). I grew up around NASCAR because my grandfather is a lifelong mechanic and used to pit crew during amateur races at the Pocono Raceway in PA. It’s still a regular Sunday event where if you show up at their house during a race, if you want to see Grandpa, you sit on the couch and watch the race with him.

    And NASCAR fans have waaay bigger stigmas than Indy car racing. I’ve had people tell me that I’m not allowed to be a fan unless I’m holding a can of beer and wearing a mullet, possibly a wifebeater and some cut off jeans. Sigh. So I understand. 😀

  6. says

    Oh, goodness, I know how you feel! I turn 31 in… 2 hours, and I am in that “So, what am I doing now & how am I making a difference in this life?” sorta phase, too! Argh! It does go by way too fast.

  7. says

    Confession: I HATE Nascar. Is that the same as IndyCar racing? (Don’t hate me- I know nothing about it!!)

    I LOVE Parks and Rec though. I watched the first season, then stopped for some reason, but picked it up again this season and subscribed to Hulu Plus to catch up. It’s one of those shows where I’m like “I don’t know who I love the most!” But I have to tell you- Rob Lowe is HILARIOUS.

    Don’t fret 29. You’re a baby still. But your 30s are WHERE IT’S AT!

  8. Melissa says

    You should really see a chiropractor. My husband is one and if you lived in my area I would of couse refer you to him, but nonetheless you really should check one out. I’m sure they could help you.

  9. Laurel says

    I second the suggestion for a chiropractor. I was suffering through headaches – I would seriously get them at least 5 days out of 7, and the only thing that helped was 3 Advil every 4 hours. I finally got sick and tired of popping all those pills, only to have the headache come back anyway. I went for weekly adjustments on my neck, shoulders and upper back for about a month and now go every two weeks, almost for “maintenance”. Yes, there is a difference if I don’t go – on the few times where I’ve had to make the appointments 3 weeks apart, the headaches come back. I was skeptical and worried at first, but it made SUCH a HUGE difference in my life. Headaches now are a rarity – and if I do get one, it’s almost always attributable to jaw clenching. I highly recommend seeing one. Can’t stress it enough!

  10. says

    Ok. I’m in love with your blog and you for a few reasons. 1. We would be friends in real life and 2. You grew up where I call home and now live less than an hour from my momma! I am a whole foods lover but I’m not scared of dessert too. I’m so excited to have found you. Can’t wait to do some more digging :)

  11. Athena R says

    Have you ever been checked for carpal tunnel syndrome? I have it from being on the computer all day at work, and when it flares up it can definitely send pain up the arm and into the shoulder. I hope you get a diagnosis of what’s wrong and can get the pain it alleviated. Also, I wear wrist braces that I picked up at a drug store and they work great at keeping the pain away.

  12. kelly anne says

    OK, so I am not sure how I missed this post, but my left shoulder has been in EXACTLY the same way…. since before Christmas. And I haven’t seen a doctor about it, because it hasn’t merited me taking the time to find a NEW doctor — because the group I go to is TERRIBLE. The only one that I actually liked was the nurse practitioner.

    I have limited range of motion, the issue is in my dominant shoulder, and on a GOOD morning it takes about 45 minutes before the ache from sleep subsides.

    That said, I have a hunch that it’s “Frozen Shoulder” — both of my parents have had it. But…. it USUALLY hits the non-dominant (recessive didn’t sound right, there) shoulder.

    We both should really should follow up on that… :-(

    PS what kind of running shoes are you wearing in your confessions post today (May 24, 2012) — the turquoise and yellow is AWESOME!!!

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