1. I love Pizzeria Pretzel Combos. They are probably my favorite junk food ever.

2. My ranking of Rory Gilmore’s boyfriends goes like this: (1) Logan (2) Jess (3) Dean. I understand that’s probably a really unpopular way of organizing them, but Dean’s hair is too annoying for me to appreciate any of his redeeming qualities.


3. I’m nervous about the weather forecast for this weekend. I’ve been to some really, really, really hot Indianapolis 500s (like 2006, when I actually had to go and sit under the stands in the shade because I was seeing double), but they are talking like this one will be the hottest ever. I think I’ll pass on the beer this year and instead focus on lots of water. At least the humidity is going to be low…

4. We’re trying to eat through our pantry and freezer plus not buy much more food so we don’t have to move a lot next month. This means we’re having a lot of not-so-gourmet meals. Like English muffin pizzas and breakfast for dinner. It’s delicious. But not very photogenic. We’ll see what kind of stuff I can scrape together over the next few weeks. It could get very interesting.

5. My shins still hurt from walking 20 miles on Saturday. I’m going to be in some serious pain after 39.3.

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Do you have any confessions to share?


  1. Laurel says

    We had English muffin pizzas last night for dinner. It’s a good “quick and easy” meal for a busy day. I have to say, though – yours look a lot better than mine looked, so even though you thought it wasn’t very photogenic, IT WAS :)

  2. Susanna says

    OK #1 I totally agree about Rory’s boyfriends! Dean just wasnt smart enough. I think she should have married Logan. Also I moved in April so I totally feel you on the food thing. The only thing that sucks is restocking got way expensive. I was able to move with only one cooler though :).

  3. says

    I love english muffin breakfast pizzas. I had a bagel one for dinner last Friday and probably will again tomorrow (Friday is pizza night at our house).
    And man- I have to admit. Combos are pretty darn good. My husband bought a bag of Bugles last week (and devoured them immediately) and I remembered how yummy they are too. My fave junk food in college (when all I ate was junk food..) was “drunk” Doritos. Which simply meant, how great Doritos taste when you’re drunk.

  4. Angie says

    1) Jess 2) Logan 3) Dean. Dean was SO ANNOYING. And whiny. Ugh. I’m watching the 1st season right now and I would have dumped him so quick.

    I love Jess! Especially when they reconnect later and he’s straightened out and awesome. Come on Rory.

    I felt like Logan and Rory never really made sense. I liked him ok, but I just didn’t feel like it would work long term.

    Well there went my dose of crazy this morning. I kind of really like Gilmore Girls. But I’m not insane, I promise. I just have opinions.

  5. says

    Totallt agree with the boyfriend ranking! Logan was kind of a douchebag but I think he made the most sense for her out of the three.

  6. Dani says

    I completely agree with your ranking of Rory’s boyfriends, as well as the previous comment-er (I don’t know, my browser keeps telling me I’m spelling it incorrectly) who said Rory should have married Logan. I loved them together! Dean drove me nutso and I didn’t even think he was cute.

  7. LifeSheWrote says

    I have those exact same shoes! I love them – I never would have bought running shoes so bright but they felt the best in the store and now I get such a kick whenever I put them on!

    And English muffin pizzas look delicious.

  8. says

    Gilmore Girls is my go to show when I am looking for comfort or a mood booster! I would probably rank her boyfriends in the same order, I was never a huge Dean fan. I completely adore Logan!

  9. Carol S. says

    Loved all the boyfriends but Logan the most *probably cause I had a secret please come be MY boyfriend bias* Dean grew up to be ridiculous and you could never count on Jess Ah but when Jess met Logan talk about fireworks!!!

  10. Maggie says

    Compression socks! I usually wear them all evening and all the next day following a long run. They might help your shin splints feel better. I have never felt like I needed to wear them during a long run, but if your pain is really bad, maybe that would help? :)

  11. says

    Aaah, I need to watch some Gilmore Girls. I miss that show SO much. And I totally agree with your ranking of the boyfriends, haha. I’m also craving english muffin pizzas :( I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately, but I bought tortillas to try making pizzas with this week instead. English muffins next week!

  12. says

    Pizzaria combos are my driving food. I can do some serious work on a big bag of them, so I save them for long drives, and limit myself to the small bags. Om nom nom.

    Also, if it makes you feel better, Jared Padalecki’s hair is far more annoying when he’s Dean Winchester in Supernatural than it was in Gilmore Girls.

  13. says

    I totally agree with you on the ranking of Rory’s boyfriends!! I love reading about Gilmore Girls on here ~ my Mom and I used to always watch the show together, and I haven’t seen it now in years. Brings me back!

    It looks like eating through your pantry is really working out for you guys. That’s one of my big goals for this summer. My other big goal though is cooking and baking from scratch, and I’m not sure that those two goals really fit together.. We shall see!

  14. says

    I completely agree on the ranking of Rory’s boyfriends! I love that it even matters to us. haha. And as someone who is moving across the country TOMORROW (yikes!) I completely understand the whole food situation. It only complicates matters more that we’re moving again in 3 months (this time internationally).

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