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Posted on Jun 12, 2012 in Lifestyle

1. Melatonin.

I don’t often have trouble sleeping, but when I do, it’s full-on not-a-wink kind of insomnia. It happened the night before the Avon Walk and again a few weeks prior to that. It’s miserable. I am so grateful that I usually sleep well! And I’m even more grateful that I found a solution for when I don’t—melatonin. My Mama gave me some while we were in Chicago so I could sleep soundly in the hotel, and it worked like a dream (pun intended, har har har). Once back home, I immediately bought some. I can take one 5mg tablet and sleep for 10-11 hours! My biggest sleep issue has always been waking up too early—it’s pretty common for me to wake up at 5am or earlier on a Saturday, even if I’m still tired, my brain starts racing and there is no going back to sleep. But the melatonin helps solve that. Even if I do wake up, it seems to gently lull me back into sleep.  I know melatonin works differently on different people, but I’m so sensitive to the stuff, that I’ve actually taken to cutting the tablets in half. Next time, we’ll buy the 3mg dosage.

2. Vitamin Water Zero

I blame my sisters for this one. I had never had a Vitamin Water before, but then my oldest sister brought them to a family gathering a few weekends ago and, my gosh, it was delicious! It probably helped that it was 95° outside and the Vitamin Water was ice-cold, but still, it was good! I’m totally digging the “squeezed” lemonade flavor. So refreshing! I normally don’t like stevia-sweetened drinks at all, but this one gets my seal of approval. As an every-now-and-again road trip treat, this one wins!

3. Movits!

So fun. So not English. If you listen to this song and don’t want to shake your bon-bon, then man, I don’t know what to do with you. The whole album is amazing. And I kinda like that there aren’t many words I can understand. Makes me focus on the amazing beat. That, and/or want to learn Swedish.

4. Single-Leg Kettlebell Deadlifts


This is one of those “love to hate” kind of things. These suckers hurt! I love that they combine balance, strength and control all while working your legs, glutes, core, and back. And I’ve only fallen once while doing them! Balancing is not my strong suit. Have I told you lately that I love you my kettlebells?

5. Magic Hat Elder Betty

I’m usually a drink local kinda girl, but for some reason this six-pack caught my eye in the grocery store last weekend, and I am glad it did! It’s crisp, bright and not-too-hoppy, and it has a nice, sweet hint of berries. Big, big fan. Absolutely perfect for sitting outside in the summer sun. It reminds me of some of the amazing fruit beers we tasted while in Traverse City, Michigan a few years back.

What are you digging?

celebrating all of your achievements (giveaway)

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Posted on Jun 12, 2012 in Fitness

When I first set out to join the Under Armour What’s Beautiful campaign, I was deep in the midst of a hiking kick.

I was having fun, I was loving seeing the countryside, and I was loving the sense of accomplishment I got with every mile I completed. So, naturally, I set my goal to be a hiking related—to hike 100 miles before the end of 2012.

But now that we are headed toward the end of the What’s Beautiful challenge, I feel like I’ve finally wrapped my brain around the real and true meaning behind the challenge. While the method for the challenge is fitness, it isn’t really about cardio, weight-lifting or sweating.

It’s about empowerment. It’s about confidence. It’s about emotional, physical and mental strength. It’s about giving women the permission to be everything and anything they want to be.

Ready for a bit of honesty? I haven’t gotten that from hiking, but I did get it from something else.

As you know, a couple weeks ago, I completed a 39.3 mile breast cancer walk*. And it was everything What’s Beautiful is about. Every size, shape, age, color and ability took those steps, one at a time.

Honestly, it never occurred to me that just walking would ever be that big of a challenge. I’m relatively fit, I walk a lot, but by the time I hit mile 20 on the first day, and every step hurt, I knew I was going to have to pull from somewhere deeper to finish. It was about so much more than how strong my thighs were. It was about how strong my resolve was.

It was everything that I was hoping to get out of What’s Beautiful (and hoping you’d get out of it, too).

These women weren’t picture perfect fitness models. Many of them would never complete a triathlon. Few of them did crossfit, kettlebells or ran sprints for fun.

These were just women who picked a cause and decided it was bigger than them and committed fully to the charge. It was a group of 3,000 “average” women doing something completely extraordinary.

I saw women with both feet completely wrapped in gauze because of blisters…still walking. I talked to a women who pulled both her calf muscles at mile 12 on the first day…still walking. I saw a women who had broken both her legs the weekend before and her friend was there to push her in a wheelchair…still walking.

The truth is, I’m not sure I’ve stepped a foot on the trails in the past few weeks. And while that may seem like a total failure in relation to my original goal, I feel like the complete opposite. I feel like I unlocked the box that held the true meaning behind being empowered, and I think sometimes you have to step back from your original goal, analyze what happened, and really celebrate the achievements you did make. And boy, this was an achievement.

I’m not tossing my 100 hiking miles out the window, of course. I still want to hit the trails, see my state and experience nature with my favorite Canadian boy and fluffy puppy. But for now, my focus is a lot more about celebrating the empowerment and continuing the momentum I feel.

*Worth noting, I did all 15 hours of walking in head-to-toe Under Armour gear. It didn’t slip. It didn’t chafe. It kept me dry and comfortable. Yes, this post is sponsored by Under Armour, but after spending almost 40 miles in UA gear, I’d sing it’s praises even if I wasn’t in a partnership with them. Such high-quality, comfortable and cute gear.


Didn’t win the $500 gift card last time around? Well, lucky for you, Under Armour is feeling really generous and is giving away another 500 buck-a-roos to use online or in store. Nice people, eh?

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As you probably guessed, this blog post is sponsored by Under Armour in conjunction with BlogHer. All views expressed are my own.

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