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Hi, friends! Sorry for the disappearing act over the past few days. Things have hit crazy, intense, busy mode when it comes to the move. We’ve hit a bit of a snag when it comes to logistics of getting my parents into their new place—the construction is about four weeks behind! And since our lease is up at the end of the month, it looks like we’ll be bunking with my parents for a while. Figuring out how to fit two houses worth of stuff, four adults and four dogs into one house is taking some creative planning, but we’ll get there.

I wish I could promise my posts will be consistent over the next few weeks, but I can’t. I’ll try to check in whenever I can.

All that moving stuff aside, we actually had a really awesome weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that it was jam-packed with fun, food and celebrations. For those of you that don’t follow me, I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

1. While I worked from home on Friday, Babyface started (and finished) the dreaded kitchen packing. It was a little sad to see my apartment kitchen that I’ve cooked so many meals in, being disassembled.

2. Packing of the kitchen led to a very classy lunch of cereal in a paper bowl. I better get used to this.

3. I did a racing themed manicure. Fun!

4. Frozen pizza for dinner, but our pizza cutter was packed. I sliced the pizza Johnston style, with scissors.

4. My Saturday morning wake-up time. CRUEL.

5. My name on my credentials for the Milwaukee IndyFest IndyCar race. Made me feel special!

6. A pineapple-y breakfast on the bus to Milwaukee.

7. Babyface and I did some important Care Bears research to pass the time on the five-hour drive.

9. They literally gave us the red carpet treatment once we got to the track.

10. With our garage passes, we headed back to the action. Got to get up-close-and-personal with lots of drivers, car owners and cars. So fun! Babyface almost got run over by Marco Andretti on a moped. #claimtofame

11. I hit up the infield merch shop and scored myself an early birthday present—a James Hinchcliffe hat. Love Hinch and love the rhinestones on my hat.

12. Rain was coming in, so we took shelter under the grandstands and sipped on some Summer Shandy. Yum!

13. We got sick of hiding under the bleachers, so eventually we sucked it up, put on our ponchos and went to our seats. Embrace the weather, kids.

14. Before we knew it, the sun was out and the shiny, fast cars were on the track.

15. The race was awesome, but that 3:30am wakeup was getting to me. After the race ended, we took another quick trip around the paddock and then we headed back to the bus to nosh on our (sad) packed dinner. Turkey sandwich, cherries, hard-boiled eggs and VitaminWater.

16. The Chicago skyline on our bus trip back to Indiana. I’m so in love with this city.

17. After sleeping like a rock for eight hours, I woke up and handed Babyface a Father’s Day gift. Puppyface was at the kennel this weekend, but she asked that I give it to him. A set of beer tasting glasses. Good work, Puppyface!

18. Most of our wrapping supplies were packed, so I improvised and made a newspaper bow for Dad’s Father’s Day gift.

19. We headed down to our house/my parents’ house to celebrate Father’s Day with the family, and I drank way more than one of these.

20. Mama and Dad took us on the tour of the family garden, and we picked these beautiful, delicious multi-colored baby carrots.

21. Food time with the family. Brat with peppers, half a hamburger, Mama’s World Famous Macaroni Salad, corn-on-the-cob and watermelon.

22. After dinner, we walked over my parents’ new house to check on the progress. Not as far as we’d like it to be, but getting there.

23. On the trip home, Babyface and I split a brat. Road trip food!

24. We also had a dance party to some silly music, including this gem. We tried to see if we could pick out any of the lyrics. All we got out of the whole song was “informer,” “boom boom” and “tornado”. Keep up the good work, Snow.

How was your weekend?


  1. Cosmos says

    Oh no! Sorry about the move delay. You’re lucky you only have to move once since you bought your parents’ house. You could have had to move in with your parents first, and then into your new house, ugh!

    Glad you had a nice weekend break before all the packing, etc. starts heating up.

  2. Dani says

    I’m fixated on Mama’s World Famous Macaroni Salad. Please share!

    Sorry your Mom and Dad’s construction has been delayed. Best of luck making it work with all of you under one roof. I know you adore your parents, so that’s bound to help, but still – that’s cramped! I’m sure it will feel great for ALL of you to spread your wings once their new home is completed.

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