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Hey! Tomorrow’s my birthday!

Last year, on my birthday, I shared with you guys that German Chocolate Cake is my birthday cake. The combo of rich, dark chocolate with creamy coconut-pecan frosting? No contest. Other cakes need not apply.

I had these grand plans to make another fun variation on the German Chocolate theme for you this year. There were thoughts of German Chocolate cake balls, German Chocolate fudge, and even German Chocolate ice cream. But all those fell by the wayside the second I realized moving was happening the same week as my birthday. Sayonara to all my pots, pans and bowls!* So I don’t have any delicious, decadent birthday treats to share with you. But I figured I’d do the next best thing—pull together some serious German Chocolate eye candy link love. That way, we can all be drooling over the same deliciousness. Enjoy!

*Worth noting, my amazing husband set aside just enough baking accoutrements so he could make me a birthday cake. Although I have no idea what kind of cake (or even if it is a cake at all) that he’s making. He’s a good one.

What’s your go-to birthday cake flavor?


  1. says

    My husband is a German Chocolate cake lover and while I would never refuse a piece I tend to go towards Red Velvet myself. But it has to be a REAL one, not some Red Velvet boxed crap!! However, my NEXT fave would be a yellow cake(boxed crap)with chocolate frosting(pre-made crap.) I often had that growing up so I think it just takes me back. YUM!!!

  2. Cosmos says

    My birthday cake was always angel food. The best part was that my brother’s birthday was 8 days later and he always got German chocolate cake, so I got the best of both!

  3. says

    LOVE! German Chocolate Cake. I always get my mom to make one for my birthday. It use to be my dad’s birthday cake (my birthday is 4 days before his)but I’ve stolen it for myself. There’s really nothing like it.

  4. says

    I don’t know if this is a southern thing or not, but my family has always put drained crushed pineapple in the icing, and the juice from draining the pineapple into the cake batter. I’ve always had it this way, so I don’t usually like other people’s german chocolate cakes. Additionally, the cake batter itself contains buttermilk and fluffy eggwhites folded in at the end. Have you had it this way? Let me know if you’re interested in a family recipe :)

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