things i’m digging…

1. Homemade vitamin packs

Not sure I’ve ever mentioned it on here before or not, but we take a lot of supplements. It can be pretty annoying to get out all the pills every day, so a few weeks ago, I had the idea to make my own vitamin packs. I bought a bunch of small plastic baggies and divvied out my daily supplements. I don’t love that they are stored in disposable plastic bags—someday I’d like to make a bunch of small fabric pouches—but for now, the convenience makes it worth it. And we plan on using each bag multiple times before recycling it. So far, it’s made taking my vitamins much less time-consuming.

2. My husband.

Babyface is always hard-working, amazing and considerate, but he’s going above and beyond with this move. He’s done almost 100% of the packing (I have literally packed one box), filled out all the change-of-address forms, and organized all the logistics. He’s really taken charge and made it happen, which has freed me up to focus on work. I’ve moved a dozen times in my life, and thanks to him, this time ’round has been relatively low stress. I’m such a lucky girl.

3. Birthday freebies.

There are so many free things you can get on your birthday. My favorite? Free noodles from Noodles & Company!  My office is literally above a Noodles restaurant and getting a free Med Salad with shrimp is an awesome perk of my birthday week. I’m using the coupon for my lunch today. Yum!

4. The watermelicure.

I know this manicure is crazy saccharine, but I’m in love with it. And it was stupendously easy! I just did a neon pink base layer, topped with green stripe french tips and dotted with black seeds. So summer-y and sweet. Stupidly, I did it the week of moving, so I’m sure it’ll be ruined in 3.2 seconds, but for now, I’m digging it.

5. Mean.

Apparently it’s a saccharine-filled list this week, because this song is sickly sweet and crazy catchy. It’s a fun anthem that helps me deal with all the sucky, mean people out there. Plus, it’s just flat out fun. Babyface even likes it!

What are you digging?


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