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1. I’m crazy dehydrated. Since moving into our house, I’ve had a really hard time staying hydrated, mostly because my water bottle always seems to be on the floor I’m not on. I just need to start wearing my hydration pack around the house.

2. I read The Skinny Rules. And as much I wanted to hate it, I actually agree with about 90% of what’s in the book. I just really wish it had a different name. And incorporated some (any!) fitness information.

3. I have no desire to see Magic Mike or read 50 Shades of Grey. Which makes me think I’ve fully completed my transformation into a grandma.

4. I went digging through a construction trash pile this weekend to save scrap wood and pallets. When did this become my life?

5. The Zumba room at my new gym doesn’t have mirrors. Which makes me irrationally sad. Apparently I really liked looking at myself as I butchered footwork?

Do you have anything to confess?


  1. #3: No, it just means your taste is more sophisticated! :)

    • Hahah! I don’t know about that. I do have glitter purple polish on my nails. :P

  2. I’m with you on #3. But I think it just means your taste is more sophisticated! :)
    That’s what I tell my nineteen year old self anyway, haha.

  3. I actually hadn’t even heard of Magic Mike and had no idea what it was until the Monday after it opened and some co-workers were talking about it!

    • You are lucky, then! It’s been all over in my circles.

  4. I’m with you on both #2 and #3.

    I really just wish I could ask Bob why he left out ALL mentions of fitness activities. I mean. It’s a glaring omission.

    As far as Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Gray, I don’t see the allure to either.

    • There are so many questions I want to ask Bob. SO MANY.

  5. I’ll be honest, I want to see Magic Mike as a girls outing or movie night (when on video).

    But 50 Shades of Gray, no interest at all!

    • Maybe if I had more female friends, I could see the appeal. But I have like…none. :P

  6. My friends are seriously Zumba gods. They invite me to the classes they teach, and I guess they think ‘she’s part latina, she should fair well’…

    I think Crowley Party best demonstrated my true sentiments towards Zumba…

    • Hahaha! That graphic is totally hilarious. And way true.


  7. #3 – glad I’m not the only one… my friends were starting to worry if I was “dead inside”… but I think that’s what having a real-life love does to you. :D

    • Hahaha, dead inside? That’s harsh!

  8. I will not be seeing Magic Mike or reading 50 Shades of Gray either. I have been dubbed the office prude, but I don’t care. I can’t stand romance or erotica, so reading a book about S&M and graphic sex will NOT be happening. I don’t find reading about sex well, sexy. At all.

    And Magic Mike? No. My friends think I’m crazy for not seeing it, but honestly? I’m not seeing it out of respect for my husband. My friends are like, “Um, it’s just a movie.” I don’t care. I wouldn’t be comfortable with him seeing a movie with a bunch of women stripping. I just don’t need to see men gyrating around. If anyone else wants to see it, married women included, go for it! But I’ve personally made a choice not to and I wish people would stop thinking I was weird for it!

    • YES. YES. YES. Especially your part about Magic Mike. I feel the exact same way.

  9. No desire to see Magic Mike either, altho i am reading 50 Shades of Grey and unlike other books i’ve read this one isn’t attached to my hip constantly, I read my new fitness magazines before i go running for that book. Not gonna lie since i started doing my home workouts in front of a mirror i’m a little obsessed with working out in front of one all the time. Not because i’m conceided(?) but i like to watch my form while i’m performing the moves. I soooooo want to read the Skinny Rules and need to get to Chapters asap to buy it. I heart Bob:)

    • How’s my brother-from-another-mother feel about you reading 50 Shades of Grey? :P
      Did you guys install mirrors downstairs?

  10. LOL I loved that you don’t care about that Mr. Mike or 50 Shades. We are well on our way to grandmahood together :) Nothing wrong with that, it must be out good Indiana up bringin’. My momma would cringe if she knew what was popular right now.

    • My Mama would totally cringe, too!

  11. #3: no desire on Magic Mike, and I tried to read the book to see what the fuss was, and only got as far as the first sexual encounter with the 2 characters…..I’m returning the book to the person I borrowed it from. Not worth my time to read the rest, and now I spent 9 chapters worth of time I can’t get back on a book I felt was insanely inaccurate, and wrong on all levels. I always thought of myself as “open” in most areas, but this book did me in. So, if that means I’ve turned into a “grandma” then just call me Maxine (though, she may have actually liked the book, lol!)

    • Hahah! Maxine would have totally liked it. :P

  12. The Skinny Rules is probably the first “diet” book I’ve ever been interested in, but even that is really only because from the reviews/excerpts I’ve read, it seems very much more like a “healthy diet/lifestyle” book than a “diet” book. And yeah, that title is super off-putting. Probably the only reason I haven’t picked it up yet. But I do understand it’s probably more “marketable” that way than if it was titled “The Regular Everyday Healthy People Rules” ;-)

    • Yeah, there is a lot of stuff about it that I think was written to be marketable. It’s definitely been sexified to sell copies, but if you read the nuts-and-bolts, it feels actually…reasonable.

      That damn name though…

  13. No desire for Magic Mike either – groups of girls from work have been going and I have no desire. My hubby could probably care less if I see it but honestly male strippers creep me out – I can’t explain it. I honestly would rather watch a female burlesque show lol.

    • I would totally rather see a female burlesque show! I think there is something artistic and beautiful about them. Male strippers? Not so much.

  14. I wondered about the skinny rules. Thanks for the head’s up!

    I too have no desire to see Magic Mike. I am a reader, and I read the first 50 shades of grey book. The writing was immature and awful. Words repeatedly used: Holy moly, holy cow, mutter, murmur, mumbled, lip biting. It was awful and I can’t help judging people who enjoy those books. HAHA.

    I can honestly say I’ve never seen a zumba room without mirrors. how else are we supposed to see how ridiculous we look? :)

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