what i ate wednesday: three square meals

I have nothing really interesting to say about my eats this week. They are pretty normal and standard. Maybe next week I’ll wait until one of my commuting days so you can see how drastically different my food is when I’m commuting and working. It’s crazy how much more I eat at my desk! I definitely use food and snacks to break up the workday (something I don’t do when working from home). Anyway, here are my eats for this past Monday.

  1. Breakfast: two eggs on an English muffin with some cheddar cheese, plus some plain Greek yogurt with strawberries, kiwi and blueberries on the side.
  2. Lunch: Roasted veggie and sweet potato burrito, blueberries, apple, Babybel and chocolate.
  3. Dinner: Baked coconut shrimp, steamed green beans, slow-roasted sweet potatoes and the best watermelon ever.

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


  1. says

    I am border-line obsessed with this egg white crust veggie pizza that I’ve had for lunch the last few days. I made a sweet version for breakfast today- and it’s a tie between which one I like better!
    I need to make a roasted veggie and sweet potato burrito!!

  2. says

    As always, you food looks TASTY!

    I am beginning an adventure in self-employment (today is day #1!). It’s amazing to me that, when I’m fully engaged and passionate about what I’m doing, much like you, I don’t use food to break up the day. It’s going to be quite an adventure!

    I am currently LOVING our homemade yogurt. Super easy (though time intensive) to make, but makes two weeks worth? Golden!

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