things i’m digging…

1. Newman’s Own Special Blend Extra Bold Coffee

This is seriously the best coffee I’ve ever had. It’s organic, fair trade, the proceeds go to charity and it’s INSANELY DELICIOUS. It’s a really strong coffee without being bitter or burnt-tasting. Amazing. Honestly, all other coffee just tastes like brown water compared to this stuff. So. Good. The decaf version is really good, too.

2. Cheap Smartphone Gloves!

Babyface spent a pretty penny to get me a pair of smartphone gloves last Christmas—and I love them, but at $30+ a pair, they would have been hard to justify if they weren’t a gift. But I heard from a co-worker than Target was selling smartphone gloves for super cheap this year, so we ran out and grabbed a few pairs for $3 each! They come in lots of different colors and styles. Go stock up!

3. Bejeweled Blitz.

I tend to be fleeting with games, but with Bejeweled Blitz, it’s true love. And true love lasts a lifetime. I literally play this game every, single day and have for years. And I wonder why my to do list is always full?

4. Grande Nonfat No Whip Mocha with Two Pumps of Raspberry.

Just try it. Trust me.

5. My parents.

Today is my parents’ 30th wedding anniversary! Having their loving, caring and respectful relationship as a foundation to my childhood was so comforting. And, as an adult, their marriage is a great example for how to make my own relationship stronger and better. Happy anniversary, guys!

What are you digging?


  1. Athena R says

    I’ve got to get some of those gloves. Darn and I was just in Target this weekend. Sounds like a good reason to go back. Oh and I’m totally digging nonfat chai tea latte with a pump of pumpkin spice…so good.

  2. says

    I love Newman’s Own everything- and dang, I need a Keurig!
    THANK YOU for posting about the smart phone gloves! Greg got me a pair of North Face ones for Christmas last year, but man it would be nice to have another pair (or three!).
    And I will definitely try your Starbucks drink. I’ve been getting a soy salted caramel mocha (with just a pump of each of the two syrups) and it is HEAVENLY.

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