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october’s best-of-the-best


Posted on Nov 2, 2012 in Career

Being that it’s the second day of the month, I’d safely say we are now solidly into November (which makes Babyface très happy because his iPhone 5 ships today). But before we completely leave October behind, I thought it might be fun to do a fun-sized review of all the goings on here over the past month. We’re all super busy and sometimes, we just can’t devote time to reading all of our favorite blogs. Just yesterday I had to begrudgingly click the “Mark All As Read” button in Google Reader because the number was intimidatingly high. So take this as the CliffsNotes version of BTHR for last month. You get to see the best-of-the-best from last month, and I get to give myself a big ole pat after seeing all the work, sweat and eats that go into 31 days. Win, win!

P.S. I recently learned that they aren’t called CliffsNotes in Canada. Apparently they are ColesNotes. Not that Babyface ever used them to write papers in English in high school or anything…

Best Recipe: It was a simple one, but this recipe for an apple pie spinach smoothie was definitely my favorite of the month. So much delicious flavor, but it’s still so good for you!

Best Printable: There was a ton of love for my Deskercise Bingo printable! I’m having so much fun designing free printables for BTHR and hope to do a lot more in the future.

Best Confession:  I think maybe this one—where I talk about our exorbitant grocery bill—was the doozie of the month. I’m always so embarrassed that we spend so much on food. Which is ridiculous! There are a lot worse things to be spending money on than good food.

Best Discussion: We had a nice little chat about the fitness middle early in the month. I admitted that I never was going to excel at fitness—and that’s okay!

Best Workout: Not a single workout, but the All About the Numbers challenge definitely kept me moving last month with its fitness minutes and walking requirements. Shoooo-weee!

Best Discovery: Newman’s Own Extra Bold Extra Awesome Extra Delicious Coffee. All other coffee tastes like brown water compared to this stuff.

Best How-To: I was nervous to post it (I was afraid some people would be offended) but everyone seemed really excited about my 6 blog design tips for non-designers.

Best Photos: I was kinda, totally in love with all the photos that came out of the carrot and apple soup  photoshoot. Such beautiful, fall colors!

Best Recap: It was so much fun sharing with you guys about our Canadian Thanksgiving celebration with Babyface’s family.

How did your October go? Did you hit any big milestones or accomplish any big goals? Share, brag and discuss!

the friday five


Posted on Nov 2, 2012 in Lifestyle

I’ve been in love with these oversized, geometric lockets from Verabel Jewelry on Etsy for a while now. There are a ton of different designs (and they are all amazing), but this one just really makes my world turn upside down. So pretty and colorful and fun. And actually very reasonably priced at $65, but it’s just not something you buy yourself, you know? Hint, hint.

We’re inching in closer to the holiday season and I think this pinecone garland is so darling and simple! I’m going to start collecting pinecones now.

I think I might try to make my way through this entire list of 101 healthy soups from Cooking Light. So much deliciousness. This French Onion soup looks especially perfect for the cold snap we’re having right now.

One of my best friends from college, Jen, has been traveling around the world (jealous!) and recently, made an extended stop in Arusha, Tanzania to volunteer at a school. The school (and the students it educates) are so poor that they can’t afford pencils, crayons, clothes, food or even firewood to cook food on. Jen is accepting donations through her GoFundMe page. The best part? You actually get to see your donation being used immediately. She just posted a few days ago about how the money helped her buy a load of firewood for the school. She’s doing amazing work, and your donations would be great appreciated!

The Intoxicase. It’s an iPhone case. WITH A BOTTLE OPENER ON IT. There is even an app that counts how many bottles of beer you’ve opened (and then tells you how many gallons of beer you’ve drunk all time). I want one. If only they made pink glitter Intoxicases…

Photo credits: Verabel Jewelry, Twig & Thistle, Cooking Light, Jennifer Rose, Intoxicase.

What’s something you’re loving this Friday?