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Posted on Nov 2, 2012 in Lifestyle

I’ve been in love with these oversized, geometric lockets from Verabel Jewelry on Etsy for a while now. There are a ton of different designs (and they are all amazing), but this one just really makes my world turn upside down. So pretty and colorful and fun. And actually very reasonably priced at $65, but it’s just not something you buy yourself, you know? Hint, hint.

We’re inching in closer to the holiday season and I think this pinecone garland is so darling and simple! I’m going to start collecting pinecones now.

I think I might try to make my way through this entire list of 101 healthy soups from Cooking Light. So much deliciousness. This French Onion soup looks especially perfect for the cold snap we’re having right now.

One of my best friends from college, Jen, has been traveling around the world (jealous!) and recently, made an extended stop in Arusha, Tanzania to volunteer at a school. The school (and the students it educates) are so poor that they can’t afford pencils, crayons, clothes, food or even firewood to cook food on. Jen is accepting donations through her GoFundMe page. The best part? You actually get to see your donation being used immediately. She just posted a few days ago about how the money helped her buy a load of firewood for the school. She’s doing amazing work, and your donations would be great appreciated!

The Intoxicase. It’s an iPhone case. WITH A BOTTLE OPENER ON IT. There is even an app that counts how many bottles of beer you’ve opened (and then tells you how many gallons of beer you’ve drunk all time). I want one. If only they made pink glitter Intoxicases…

Photo credits: Verabel Jewelry, Twig & Thistle, Cooking Light, Jennifer Rose, Intoxicase.

What’s something you’re loving this Friday?


  1. I loving that it’s Friday and I’m about 3 and half hours from this week being done with and the weekend beginning! It’s been an irritating week and I’m glad to see the back of it! Love the pine cone garland, thinking about where in my house I could put it!

  2. Oh good heavens. I must get an Intoxicase for my husband for Christmas. He’d love that! Of course, I’d reap the benefits of ownership as well ;)

    Thanks for the Etsy shop share. Several items have been added to the ol’ Amazon wish list.

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