monday motivation: smooth sailing

I try to be an optimist. So whenever something crappy happens, whenever there is a wrench in my plans, whenever something doesn’t go my way, I try to frame it in as positive as way as possible. And this proverb does a perfect job of showcasing one of my favorite coping mechanisms—stepping outside of the situation and viewing it as a learning experience. If your life is all smooth sailing, calm seas and sunny skies, you are never going to learn to deal with adversity when it comes. And it will come. So the next time things are going rough, power through and remember that ever single misstep is making you into a more skilled, stronger and experienced person.

This week, whenever something goes bad, instead of stewing in the anger and frustration, think about all the way it could be positive. Maybe even write down all the lessons you’ve learned and what you’d differently next time around. Locked your keys in your car? Think about how you’ll change your routine to drop your keys in your pocket before you leave the car. Find yourself hating your job everyday? Think about all the things you’ve learned there that’ll help you in your next adventure.

What’s something that you struggled getting through but ended up a better person because of it?


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    Lol – I feel like ‘life’ has been something I’ve struggled getting through but have ended up stronger. I’ve had 2 major relationships end in the last 3 years, jobs end, sickness … and every time something ‘bad’ happens now I’m shocked at how much I can handle. How strong I am!

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    I try to look at the best in every situation, and it works out about 50% of the time. I feel like sometimes I just want to stew in my own bad attitude, but then I think “you’re being really stupid” and snap out of it.
    I know that life would just be much better overall if I never sweated the small stuff- it’s just easier said than done for me!

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    When I was younger my parents worked a lot and I was on my own for good portions of the day. I totally adore my parents and didn’t feel abandoned, but it was different for me than a lot of my friends. Being alone really helped me become independent and taught me many skills out of trial and error (cooking being one of them). By the time I had to go to college, I had the luxury of only having to worry about my studies since I knew how to take care of myself in pretty much every other way. It’s pretty freeing!

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