things i’m digging…

1. Election Day!

Happy Election Day, everyone! I love Election Day and I love voting! For all of you Gilmore Girls fans, you know when Lorelai has to pick up Rory from the police station and says the quote about how Rory loves voting so much she moved her “I voted!” sticker from outfit to outfit and then finally taped it to her purse when the sticky ran out? Totally me the first time I voted. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s totally me now.

I don’t care who you vote for, but please just GO VOTE.

2. Flameless Candles with a Timer

I would have NEVER given these things a second thought if my sister wouldn’t have told me how marvelous they were. I’d heard about flameless candles, but it never occurred to me that some of them have timers. THE TIMER MAKES IT AMAZING. At 6pm, all these beautiful, realistic candles come on in my house. And at 10pm, they go off. Automatically. Magic. No work from me. It is amazing how much a little candle light can make a dark house go from depressing to cozy and comfy. I want to buy them all. They make me so happy.

3. These guys.

Aren’t they amazing? I know that ceramic animals are all the rage, but I love how quirky and different these two are. And guess what? They’re from Target (in their Christmas section). We still need to figure out names for them.

4. 90999

All you have to do is text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross Disaster Relief efforts in the Northeast in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It might not seem like much to you, but it can go a really long way to help folks that are really struggling right now. Right after the big tornado this spring in Pekin, I saw first-hand how vital the Red Cross was in the immediate aftermath. Giving them money to do the work they are trained to do is the absolute best way to lend a hand.

5. American Horror Story.

We started watching AHS (the first “season”) on Halloween and have plowed through so many episodes this past few days that I’m embarrassed to say the number. It is amazing. Absolutely amazing. Creepy, interesting, heartfelt, sweet, totally weird, dark. Granted, I’d watch Connie Britton read a phone book—love her—but even without Tami Taylor, AHS rocks. So excited to see how this storyline ends and start the new one.

What are you digging right now?


  1. Moober says

    Love the candles – where’d you find them? As we get closer to Christmas I would love for candles to magically turn on and off in my house. :)

  2. Liz says

    Those candles are neat. Please share where we can get them!

    I put a spoonful of peanut butter in my oatmeal this morning, and I swear my life is changed. WHY DID I AVOID THIS FOR SO LONG?

    Also, the song “Be Calm” by fun. and “Below My Feet” by Mumford & Sons.

    • Cassie says

      PB in oats=super amazing. We actually just bought a whole bunch of 100 calorie squeeze packs of almond butter just for this purpose.

  3. says

    I love those candles – I had no idea they make ones with a timer. I’m definitely going to look for those!

    Tony has been trying to get me to watch AHS for a while now but I typically hate scary shows. I’m thinking I should break down and give it a try this winter when there’s nothing good on.

  4. Zoe says

    Ok. I’m a librarian, and all the other librarians I know are closet Gilmore Girls fangirls. This makes me think I need to add this show to my vocabulary! The voting episode, do you have any idea which season it was from? :)

  5. says

    Those candles are super cool!! I’m going to try to track them down here in Australia :)
    Also, even though I don’t comment on every post, I just wanted to let you (and Craig) know how wonderful your blogs are – definitely among my favourites!

  6. says

    I’m digging Death Cab for Cutie channel on Pandora, Vera Bradley, fuzzy clog slippers from Target, the color “charcoal,” Brita pitchers, Tazo Organic Chai tea sweetened with honey, soup, & coffee mug cozies.

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