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I have confessed before that I’m a thrift-store-loving, naked-face sporting, air-dry-my hair kinda girl. But there is one, way overpriced, never gonna happen fashion accessory that I’ve always dreamed of owning—a classic Burberry cashmere scarf. I’d be horrified if I (or anyone else for that matter) ever spent $395 on a scarf for me. But I still lust over it. I did snag a rip-off plaid Burberry-ish scarf from the Goodwill a few weeks ago for $0.50. It keeps my neck warm. And hey, I saved $394.50! What a steal!

Oh, Schoolhouse Electric, why must you tempt my hipster soul with your trendy, overpriced home goods? I’m obsessed with these pennant pillows. If they had an Indiana one, I might be able to justify the $75 (EACH) price tag. Actually, probably not. That’s stupid expensive. 

Sick of pumpkin yet? Well, if so, I think these savory Pumpkin and Feta muffins might help you get back on the pumpkin train. This was one of those recipes that made me immediately start drooling. I will be making these this weekend. So. Much. Yum.

Okay, so linking to my own blog in this section might seem totally narcissistic but I swear it’s not about me. It’s about my amazing, talented husband. If you haven’t checked out what we’re doing with our house over on The Broken Plow, you are seriously missing out on some hilarious, witty and interesting writing by the Babyface (and some amazing photography). He’s awesome. I mean, he posts pictures of baby otters. And writes hilarious recaps of our weekends. And he’s really cute. What’s not to love? And I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m married to him.

This is the archive of all the Geocities pages ever. Raise your hand if you had a Geocities page in middle school! *raises hand* Raise your hand if you had at least a half-dozen! *raises higher* I don’t remember any of my neighborhoods or usernames, so I’m slowly going through each account looking desperately for my volleyball/color guard page and my *NSYNC page. Even if you don’t find your own page, the stuff that’s in there is sheer hilarity. So many animated GIFs. So much Comic Sans. So much fun.

Anything fun to share this Friday?

Photo credits: Burberry, Schoolhouse Electric, The Flour Sack, The Broken Plow, Victoria’s Free Diner Animated GIFs


  1. says

    I bought a “Burberry” scarf in Chinatown in NYC once. It was pretty amazing. No idea if it was legit (it cost, um, $5), but I loved it all the same! My best friend stole it last winter and I figured it was time for someone else to enjoy the soft cashmere wonderfulness.

  2. Lo the Phoenix says

    I feel the exact same way about that dang Burberry scarf. I have a $10 copy I got at a flea market, but I’m sure it’s pretty obviously fake. When I think of all the things that $395 can buy, a scarf just doesn’t make the list, unfortunately.

  3. rachel says

    I love your new living room colour! And those baby otters ARE super cute! I think I would paint your wall bookshelves the same white as your trim though so the rest of your things (wooden bar/buffet, sewing machine, beautiful fireplace, etc) stand out more. And I love that babyface calls you “the beautiful” what a sweetie!

  4. rachel says

    And I think you could totally make those pendant pillows! That would be a great winter project and you could put them on your cute chairs either side that awesome wooden spool side table thing you have.

  5. Katherine says

    Okay, confession time: I have the same lust for an item of clothing. Except I actually own it. In 9th grade, I put down all the money I’d saved since the 4th grade for a pair of Stuart Weitzman boots (almost $700) and I’ve absolutely never regretted it.

  6. says

    I love Burberry. My boyfriend was given a Burberry scarf as a gift from a close friend, and didn’t even realize it. When I saw it, I had a freak out moment and pointed out what the label said. And then I tried to steal it (without luck). *Sigh*

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