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november sponsor shout outs


Posted on Nov 16, 2012 in Career

You may have noticed that I recently began selling adspace on BTHR. I’ve always been part of an ad network, but I’d toyed around for months with the idea of selling my own space and finally took the plunge last month and have had some great folks sign on!  Advertisers make it possible for me to pump out 40ish posts a month, and I’m eternally grateful that they’ve signed on to make it to where I can write (and afford my ingredients). Each month, I’ll be pulling together a big honkin’ thank you post for my sponsors. It’s my special way of showing my gratitude!



  1. Beautiful Layers Magazine: Beautiful Layers is a blog and online magazine that is chock full of amazing creative inspiration for women interested in DIY, fashion, food, beauty, home, photography and more! Their online magazine is a real winner and definitely worth a download. Perfect reading material for a Sunday morning!
  2. Swanky Outlet: There are great bedding deals to be had at Swanky Outlet! I’m swooning over their big selection of high thread count sheets and warm and cozy blankets. I think I might need to do a bedding upgrade soon.
  3. Candida Yeast SupportCandida Yeast Support is a probiotic supplement that a lot of folks swear by to help balance out yeast issues in the body. Whatever supplements you take, make sure you consult with a physician, naturopath or alternative medicine practitioner before you start a new regimen.

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the friday five


Posted on Nov 16, 2012 in Fun

I’ve been drooling over these thumbprint wedding bands. You say, “But Cass! You’ve been married almost 6 years, don’t you already have rings?” Well, yes! I do! And I love them, but I find that I’m wearing them less and less because the country lifestyle is not so conducive to good up-keep of the intricate diamond setting in my vintage engagement ring. Plus, we couldn’t really afford super nice wedding bands when we were married, so Craig’s ring is scratched like crazy and I’ve lost two diamonds out of my wedding band (which we had replaced, but still). I’m constantly worried I’m going to destroy my ring when I’m digging in the garden or hammering on something. I think we’d both love to replace them down the road at some point. And something simple (but meaningful) like these bands is right up our alley. Maybe on our 10 year anniversary? Maybe we’ll get re-hitched on a beach in Hawaii? A girl can dream…

I’m kinda obsessed with decorating for the holidays, but we’re trying to sock away some money, so the budget for purchasing new holiday decor is low. I’m planning on doing a lot of DIY holiday flair this year and, that’s going to include a lot of found objects from around our property. I’m definitely going to be making these twig candleholders. I’m guessing I could snag some plain glass containers from the Goodwill for a couple of quarters. Which would leave me with some extra cash to splurge and pick up some of my beloved timer votives to fill them.

These Choco-Cherry-Cheesecake-Cookie bars combine so many of my favorite things in one dessert! I think people would flip if you brought these to a pitch-in this holiday season. Healthy? Not particularly. But totally worth an extra 20 minutes on the treadmill.

Julie and I are new friends, but I’m kinda totally obsessed with her and her blog, Table for Two. She’s sweet, smart, funny and her recipes (and photography!) are top-notch. The 10 days of Thanksgiving recipes she’s doing right now is especially incredible. If you served Caramelized Onion, Mushroom, Apple & Gruyere Bites or Pecan Pie Bars at your Thanksgiving dinner, I would totally come and eat, and then probably do your dishes for you. And maybe wash your windows. WILL CLEAN FOR PECAN PIE BARS.

People on NPR seriously have the best, most unusual, fun-to-say names ever. Name too boring to report for NPR? Well, you’re in luck, because the Public Radio Name Generator has you covered. I’m Genevieve Dubois-Diederman. Those that know me well just call me Genny. Or Dubs. Or Genny Double D. Wait. No. Not that last one.

Have anything fun to share from out there on the world wide web?

Photos: Brent & Jess, Spearmint Decor, Veronica’s Cornucopia, Table for Two, Public Radio Game Generator.