this weekend i…

…ate leftovers.

…strung popcorn and cranberry garland.

…soaked up the sun in the grass.

…watched Elf.

…chopped down a Christmas tree.

…well…watched Craig chop down a Christmas tree.

…drank some apple cider.

…played Christmas trivia.

…decorated our tree.

…decorated our house.

…baked some cookies.

…baked some more cookies.

…sewed our new stockings.

…drank some egg nog (with amaretto).

…made some wreaths and garland.

…addressed our Christmas cards.

…watched some football.

…went to a basketball game.

…made some Christmas gifts.

…browsed for fruit trees.

…read by the fire.

What’d you do this weekend?


  1. says

    Made a birthday cake, celebrated nephew’s 3rd birthday, made a cake for mother’s birthday and got a head start on Christmas baking, read a bit and thought about all the things I need to do for the next set of birthdays (6 more between now and NYE!). Please tell me you are going to tell us about the Christmas stockings and Christmas gifts? I need some inspiration!!

    • Cassie says

      Gifts, yes! Next week I’m going to be doing five different handmade gift tutorials. I hadn’t planned on doing the stockings, so I didn’t take pictures!

  2. says

    I ran a 5k, wrote roughly 10,000 words in my novel, put up the tree, made Thanksgiving dinner, knit some Christmas gifts, burned Christmas candles, put up pictures in our apartment, and did a whole lot of relaxing. Best long weekend I’ve had in awhile.

    I like the labels you used on your Christmas presents! Did you buy stick on labels and print onto them at home, or did you have them done somewhere else? I want to do something like that, but I don’t have a color printer at home.

  3. says

    Wow! It looks like you got a jump start on everything Christmas in a few days time! I wasn’t nearly that productive…I ate, dug out my grandmothers Christmas decorations, although they’re still in their boxes, and went for a lovely sail on the bay.

  4. Amanda Elliott says

    I went to see Breaking Dawn and played video games…not so productive. Luckily my soon to be husband was more productive and he set up the Christmas tree(not decorated yet) and hung the outdoor lights!

    Love all your decorations and all the handmade things!

  5. says

    Your weekend is awesome! I want to be your neighbor, for real. You inspired me to chop (or watch Greg chop) our Christmas tree on Friday. :) We decked the tree, but haven’t put anything else up yet. I am saving that for this coming weekend, and it will be accompanied by blasting Christmas tunes and drinking egg nog. Or soy nog. Whatever.
    So did you use fresh cranberries on that garland with the popcorn? Does it last?
    I LOVE your return address labels!!!

  6. Jen D says

    I watched Elf too, worked on some Christmas presents, knitted, hung out with my niece and cooked dinner for some friends. Your tree looks great! I hope the bean soup is one of the tutorials coming up.

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