1. My knees have been hurting a lot lately. Which sucks. I know that taking some pounds off would make them hurt less, but man, I just love chocolate and beer so much.

2. Sometimes I wish I’d lose my cell phone. Just for a day or two. Just to disconnect for a while.

3. I definitely take the elevator to my third floor office. I see your shame and raise you unabashed laziness, Gretchen.

4. I made salted caramel sauce this past weekend and ate no less than 450 spoonfuls of it directly from the bowl.

5. In related news, I think I have a sugar addiction. For some reason, I just can’t do moderation when it comes to sugar. I start putting a teaspoon of honey in my coffee in the morning and the next week I’m doing caramel sauce shooters chased with cookies.

Do you have anything to confess?


  1. says

    I take the elevator to my second floor office. But I also carry a ton of stuff to work everyday. I take the elevator down too. But I often do 10 minutes of stairs twice a day on my breaks, so how’s that for insane in the brain?

    I’m pretty sure you told me about the nighttime function on my phone. I love it. Not just at night but when I want to be away. I used it a lot when I was on vacation. (I didn’t want to turn my phone off because it was my camera.) just closing the sound cues put me in control. It was nice.

  2. says

    I ate far too many cinnamon rolls over the weekend and I haven’t exercised enough in the last 2 weeks. I have to get a grip before Christmas kicks in! About the knees – I have bad knees and although my weight doesn’t help, stretching my hamstrings and quads for a minute twice a day really does! I do them first thing in the morning and last thing at night, it’s a bore but I really notice when I don’t do them. It’s 12 minutes a day, maybe worth a try to see if it helps!

  3. says

    When I read about how much you really love chocolate, I started nodding. “Yup. That makes sense.” Then, I read it to my husband, and he had the exact same reaction. :-)

  4. says

    SO agree with number one….in regards to the knee/feet pain…however, although I do love chocolate, I do not love beer. It’s VERY tough to stop at just one treat…

  5. says

    Knowing is half the battle! At least that’s what the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles taught me…

    Seriously, sugar is tough. You happen to be the third person I’ve read in the span of 2 minutes that said they had a sugar addiction. Facing it head-on, as you just did by making this confession to the virtual world is probably a huge starting place to kicking it. :)

  6. Bethany says

    Sometimes I think you are in my head when you write. haha. I feel you on pretty much every account (especially the sugar addiction – it’s terrible!) My confession: I ate and drank shamelessly over the holiday weekend, so I’m doing a Dr. Oz cleanse so I can shed some pounds before my WW weigh-in this week. I feel like I’m cheating the system (and the smoothies are gross).

    • says

      I spent 40 WW PointsPlus points at my husband’s birthday party on Saturday night. I ate 5 eggrolls, 4 stuffed mushrooms, cake, chips and salsa, a few carrots with hummos and my favorite, 2 tall gin and tonics…. Ooops. I would have been a sad, hungry gal without spending almost all my flex points at once (happened last week too, though at a sushi bar eating veggie tempura instead of grazing at a party).

  7. Jennifer says

    Ha! I totally take the elevator to my third floor workspace as well. I feel the judging, but I don’t give a damn and you shouldn’t either!

  8. says

    I hear ya, girl! Who needs knees when you’ve got chocolate and beer?! JOKE! No, in seriousness, it’s pretty hard to cut back on two of the best things on earth – I feel your pain.

  9. says

    the next time you’re up in Columbus, you should stop by Zwanzigz pizza on 11th and Lafayette. not only do they have amazing pizza and sandwiches, they have a chocolate beer that tastes like a yummy fusion of cocoa puffs and beer. crazytown.

  10. Pauline Shaffer says

    I hear you on the sugar addiction. I am the same way and my #1 weakness is chocolate covered cashews. I could literally eat buckets of them. Oh and I heart beer too. :)

  11. Liz says

    Yay sugar! I have a horrible weakness for it too and o self control. And ow every time I hear a Christmas song I want Christmas cookies. But I’m working to at least get sugar and flour out if my house so I won’t be so tempted. Otherwise I’m screwed! And life is too short . . .

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