what i ate wednesday: slim pickins

We’re down to some pretty slim pickins in the Johnston family fridge. We really should have gone grocery shopping last weekend, but I’m convinced we have enough food stockpiled in our two fridges, deep freezer and numerous pantries to make it until the end of the month (and payday). So we’re kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Although, admittedly, it doesn’t look that way in my eats. I’m a notoriously bad overshopper/grocery hoarder, so I could probably not go shopping for a full six weeks and still eat just fine. But I definitely prefer to have three extra tubs of Greek yogurt stashed away at all times.

  1. One of my favorite breakfastsβ€”a yogurt bowl! This guy had a base of plain yogurt (not Greek, boo) and that was topped with oats, chia seeds, baked apples, almonds, pumpkin puree and pomegranate seeds. It really could have used a banana to sweeten the pot, but we ran out of those days ago.
  2. Morning snack was an attempt to get in more protein in the day. I had a Babybel, pumpkin seeds and baby carrots with a really sad white bean dip I tried to make with our last can of beans.
  3. We are still working through a ton of leftovers in the fridge, and this five bean soup from a few days ago was my lunch, plus a small side salad and a few crackers.
  4. Lunch dessert was a peanut butter Nutella cookie rescued from the freezer! I redid my old recipe to be a lot healthier and lower calorie for a side project. I’ll let you know when the recipe is available. It’s delicious!
  5. For afternoon tea, I had a mug of chai cut with a splash or two of egg nog.
  6. For dinner, I found a big package of salmon tucked away in the corner of our deep freezer. Yay! I had a giant portion of baked salmon with a big pile of steamed green beans on the side. I hear protein and vegetables are good for you. Or something.
  7. For dessert, I had the last little sliver from our little pie plate of pumpkin cheesecake that I made for Thanksgiving. Half of this recipe was the perfect amount to fill up our little pie plate (which is perfect for four little servings of pie).

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


  1. Julie says

    Chai and eggnog, yum! A mug of that would be delicious with a chai tea eggnog sugar cookie leftover from Thanksgiving.
    The best thing I ate was a cranberry turkey grilled cheese on Sunday! Mix cranberry sauce with soft cream cheese and top it with leftover turkey and your favorite melting cheese….

  2. says

    Oooh chai tea with eggnog… yum!
    The yogurt bowl is beautiful! I love separating the various things like that and them mixing them together. It’s the little things…
    I’m a notorious food hoarder too. We have a ton of food at all times, and I’ve gotten better about using it up before buying more. I have to remind myself that if I run out of something, there’s like 20 grocery stores within a 5 mile radius. I can go get more. It’s the fresh produce though- that creates several trips a week.

  3. says

    Are steamed green beans kind of crunchy? I usually just have the unsalted kind from the can, but I feel like I’ve had steamed green beans before and liked them. Maybe I’ll make some this weekend!

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