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my christmas wish list


Posted on Dec 11, 2012 in Fun

My friend Samantha put up her Christmas wish list on her blog yesterday, and I thought it was so much fun! I absolutely love peeking at what people want for Christmas—so I thought I’d do it, too! Now, my list is pretty moot for a number of reasons (we don’t exchange gifts in my family and Craig and I have already decided to do a handmade only Christmas) but it’s still fun to think about what things you want Santa to leave under the tree. Oh, to have unlimited spending money. Onto the list…

  1. Super Natural Cooking & Super Natural Every Day. I’m hesitant to admit I don’t read a lot of the “big” food blogs (for various reasons), so I honestly had no idea who Heidi Swanson was until my sister-in-law handed me these cookbooks to browse through. I want to make every single recipe.
  2. New coffee mug. Just on Sunday my curvetastic hips bumped into a side table and sent my favorite mug off the edge to it’s doom. I’m sad. And need to find a new mug that fills my requirements: large, big handle, cute. I really like this purple one from Uncommon Goods, but I’m not about to spent $22 on one, single mug. No-sir-ee.
  3. Indiana necklace. I’ve coveted this Indiana state necklace for years. Years, I say! If I got it, I’d want it on a nice long chain. I <3 long necklaces.
  4. Candy-stripe pants. Speaking of Indiana, please someone get this girl a pair of candy-stripe pants, already! For the longest time, these suckers weren’t sold to the public (well, adult-sizes at least), but just recently they started selling them and I WANT.
  5. Tart pan. I have no real need for a tart pan, but gosh, they are so fun. And I’d come up with uses! I want them in all different sizes. The tiny ones are particularly adorable.
  6. Good yoga mat. My current yoga mat is (a) a $5 one from a hardware store and (b) living in the barn. I’d love a nice cushy, non-slip beautiful mat. And a towel to go with it wouldn’t suck either.
  7. SmartWool knee-high socks. I’m currently deep in the midst of a hate-hate relationship with my sock drawer. Most of my socks are cheap things from discount stores. I want adult socks! That are warm! And cozy! And expensive.
  8. Pink work gloves. I’d really like a pair of obnoxiously bright pink work gloves for working around the property. Random, right?
  9. Red stripe short overalls. I think my transformation to a country girl will be complete the second I own these.

What’s on your wish list this year?



Posted on Dec 11, 2012 in Lifestyle

1. I can’t make single smoothies. I’m historically bad at spatial reasoning and whenever I go to make a single smoothie just for me it always ends up being enough to serve a small army.

2. I love ABC Family movies. Especially Christmas ones. They are awesome. My DVR? Full of ‘em.

3. I dyed my hair back all one color this past weekend. And it’s bittersweet. On one hand, I flippin’ loved having crazy-colored hair. It’s like the end of a very colorful era. But, on the other hand, natural hair color is much more appropriate for my I-now-live-in-the-middle-of-nowhere lifestyle. I didn’t see myself making the 30-45 minute commute to a salon every six weeks to get my streaks redone. Rest in peace, red/blue/purple/pink/blonde streaks.

4. We bought an obnoxious amount of alcohol this weekend. I could give the excuse that we’re stocking up for a holiday party, but we aren’t. We just really like delicious booze.

5. I haven’t done a real workout in about two weeks. I’m definitely stuck deep in the no-motivation snowball. I should feel guilty about it, but sometimes I think we all need a break. Someday I’ll step foot in a gym again, today is just not that day.

Do you have any confessions to share?