what i ate wednesday: brown baggin’ it

First things first, today is a mighty huge day for my dearest, Gretchen. Today her book, Terra is released! Please, please, please go out there and buy a copy! Go support an independent author! I am so proud of her. And the book, friggin’ rocks, kids. And my name is in it twice. TWICE. Not that this is about me or anything… YAY, GRETCH!

Alright, onto WIAW.

I thought it might be fun to change it up a bit for WIAW this week and instead of showing you my at home eats, show you what I packed for “lunch” on one of my commuting days last week. I put the quotation marks because, technically, it’s a heck of a lot more than lunch. On commuting days (if you don’t remember, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we commute about 90 minutes one way for work), we leave the house a little after 5am and don’t usually get back until a little after 7pm—so we pack a lot of food. The only meal you won’t find in these photos is dinner, which is something that I usually just throw in the slow cooker right before we head out. Onto my packed “lunch”…

  1. This is a pretty standard breakfast for us: turkey and egg cups (I’ll make up a dozen and eat on them all week—so good); Greek yogurt with some frozen berries, honey and pistachios; and some piece of fruit—this time a clementine. Plus coffee on the drive in! I think I’d be dead in a ditch somewhere if it wasn’t for my morning coffee while I drive us to work.
  2. We’re big fans of canned fish for lunches. We alternate between canned tuna (mixed with some hummus and salsa) and canned salmon. It’s great because it takes almost no time to mix up and packs in plenty of protein, which is really important to keep Craig movin’ at his manual labor job. Sometimes we’ll pack leftovers, but lots of times we save leftovers for no-cook night (Friday!). Along with the tuna, we have some crackers, a whole tasting plate of veggies with hummus, an apple, plus something for lunch dessert. A sea salt chocolate caramel, this time around. We always pack a little something sweet.
  3. Oh, the mighty snack! So, super-dooper important to keeping us happy during commuting days. We pack lots of snacks and spread them out throughout the day. I usually don’t snack much in the morning, but snack late in the afternoon (around 4pm-ish) and during the drive home (around 6pm-ish). If I don’t, it’s cranky/headachey/hangry central. Which is no fun to be in the car with for over an hour. Snacks this time around were: packet of almond butter, LARABAR, hard-boiled egg, mixed nuts and raisins, dates, Babybel and a jar of cottage cheese with pineapple and pomegranate. We also usually pack a second thermos of coffee. I drink mine right after lunch.

What’s a normal packed lunch for you? What are your favorite foods to pack?



  1. Shaney says

    Thanks so much for showing us this. I’m an RN and I work 3-4 nights a week from 7p-7a. I always have a hard time trying to pack healthy lunches and snacks for such a long shift. And at 3am when I’ve hit my slump, a bag of Doritos and a coke from the vending machine sound so much better than my cottage cheese and cucumbers.

  2. says

    I was feeling quite proud of my lunch and snacks until I saw yours. My lunches tend to be some form of protein usually often tuna or mackerel with lentils or beans and roasted veg. Snacks will be plain yogurt with applesauce or nuts in the morning and veg and hummus in the afternoon. I used to do a 90 minute commute on public transport and it wasn’t fun so I can’t imagine how I’d cope with having to drive it!

  3. Caitlyn says

    What are the white long strips in the veggie and hummus tray? I am always looking for more veggies to go with my hummus!

  4. Amanda Elliott says

    My favorite lunch food is when I make some sort of Quinoa or bean salad, but lately I’ve been too lazy to makes these. The usual is veggies, hummus, falafels, crackers and olives.

    This week I’ve made sandwishes consisting of whole wheat bread, hummus, tomato, lettuce, cheddar cheese and avodado! SO GOOD! Also really simple to put together before we leave for work. My fiancé even commented on how he liked it! With the sandwich I also have carrots and nuts for sides.

    I think I’m going to give the canned fish a try. Sounds like it would be great with crackers. For the canned salmon, do you mix that with hummus and salsa too?

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