the friday five

fashion five


The Christmas geek in me is kinda freaking out over these obnoxiously festive nails. I’ve never tried the whole watermarbleing technique, but these nails are fun enough that I just might have to.flair five


We ended up snagging some awesome rolls of 80s wrapping paper from the Goodwill this year (for $0.50 a pop) but I might have to stash this beautiful, simple design for giftwrapping in the hopper for next year. food five


I made these no-bake caramel cashew clusters on a whim after seeing these shiny, shiny pictures on Pinterest. Holy, cow, they are delicious! And insanely easy to make. A great option for that last minute holiday dessert party you’re headed to.friends five

homemade how to make hard corn taco shells at home

Have you guys popped in on my friend Melissa over at Bless This Mess? She raises chickens, remodels her own house, and make her own taco shells. She’s pretty much amazing. And kinda my hero.
fun five

Trailer for City of Bones. OMG GUYS. I can’t wait until August! YAY! I am a total Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices fangirl.

Any fun discoveries to share with everyone today? HAPPY FRIDAY!


  1. says

    I loved those books, but I just can’t stand the woman’s writing. At all. Like, want to stab my eyes out bad. It makes you wonder who her editor is, because I swear she repeats the same descriptions over and over and over. AHhh!

    ANYWAY, I am totally stoked for the movie!

  2. says

    Ahhh. This is so fun and totally legit. Just because I adore you and your Hoosierness doesn’t mean that it has to be mutual. I’m beyond excited that you called me a friend. Really, this means a ton to me. Thank you. Very much.

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