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I do a lot of fun foodie giveaways here for Friday Freebies, but this week, I’m switching over to the sweatier side of healthy living thanks to a special fitness giveaway from my friends at Karna Fitness! To all the mamas out there (and anyone else who is interested in trying out mat-based core strengthening), listen up. Karna has been focused on bringing quick, easy, Pilates-based workouts to new (and not-so-new mothers) through their Baby Boot Camp for years, now they’ve released a new DVD that focusing solely on building core strengthβ€”Restore the Core. Today, Karna is giving away one copy of Restore the Core plus a two Pilates balls, a pump and resistance band to one lucky BTHR reader. Karna likes to focus on fitness for moms, but this giveaway is open to anyone looking for a good core workout!


  • PRIZE: One Restore the Core DVD, two Pilates balls, one air pump and one resistance band.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite core exercise is.
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at Noon (12pm) EST
  • ELIGIBLE FOLKS: This giveaway is open to everyone! Yay! But, international readers, please be aware that you will be responsible for all duty and customs fees.
  • WINNER ANNOUNCED: Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 on this here post!
  • LEGALESE: To enter you must be 18 or older. Winner will be chosen by random drawing from the pool of comments on this post. To be considered for the prize, you must provide a valid email address. One entry per email address. Once a winner is notified and verified, Karna Fitness will be provided with the contact information of the winner and they will be responsible for  prize fulfillment. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. To enter, leave a comment on this post. No purchase necessary to win. Entries will close on Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 at noon (EST). The winner will be contacted by email on or before Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013. If the winner does not claim the prize within seven days, the original winner forfeits the prize and a second random entry will be chosen from the pool. This contest is sponsored by Karna Fitness and is void where prohibited by law.
  • DISCLOSURE: In exchange for this blog post, as well as posting this giveaway, I was compensated with a Restore the Core DVD and ball and band set.

We have a winner! Congrats to Lauren who loves a good old fashioned sit-up to work out her core. Enjoy, Lauren!


  1. Cassie says

    I think my favorite core exercise is where you are in plank, with your feet on an exercise ball, and you draw your knees to your chest. It’s super hard, but makes you feel pretty tough!

    This is so perfectly timed because I was just looking at buying a pilates ball today!

  2. Sara says

    This is so great! I was just researching core exercises because my back was bothering me when shoveling all that snow the other day. I need a stronger core! My favorite core exercise right now is the good ol’ plank.

  3. Michelle C says

    Just took my first pilates class this year and couldn’t believe what a workout my core muscles got! The move where you were in the plank position on the ball and pushed it from your feet to your hip area and back again…so hard!

  4. Caitlyn says

    I think the boat pose (where you make your body into a v-shape balanced on your butt) is deceivingly hard (i.e. it looks pretty simple but when you actually do it and hold it – holy crap the burn!!).

  5. says

    I’m so glad you posted this! I don’t want an entry for the giveaway – I already own the dvd and I take Restore the Core classes each week at the local Karna Fitness studio here. I just wanted to chime in and say that this a GREAT workout! I have been lucky enough to take the class instructed by Kristen Horler (the founder of Karna Fitness and Baby Bootcamp) and I couldn’t ask for a better workout. Its definitely core focused but in the end its a whole body workout! I highly recommend that every woman out there (kids or no kids) finds a Karna Fitness franchise in her area and signs up for classes!

  6. Lola says

    This would be a great at-home workout. I’d have to say that my favorite core exercise is Russian twists with a kettlebell. I LOVE them. :)

  7. Melissa K says

    I’ve always just done crunches and sit-ups! However, I’m currently 11 weeks pregnant, and I’m sure this will come in handy next July/August!

  8. Grace says

    I have a love-hate relationship with the plank!! I hate it when I’m doing it, but I love what it does for my core and how accomplished I feel after I’ve held it for a long time!!

  9. Michelle K. says

    My favorite core exercise is the hundred, Pilates exercise. I’ve never used balls in a Pilates class, so it would be fun to try them!

  10. Susan Walker says

    that DVD sounds great! I have been looking to add in some effective strengthening workouts to help firm me up!! planks are so simple yet effective and you can do them anywhere so no excuses for slacking!!

  11. Athena R says

    I like doing planks and also ab splitters…I think that’s what they are called. Dive bombers are also really good too.

  12. Emma says

    For a quick, intense workout you can’t beat planks, but the exercise in Pilates where you make yourself into a ball and roll up and down is super fun!

  13. Neena says

    Having a baby has done wonders for my life, but nothing good for my core. I have to confess that the only core exercise I half-heartedly attempt are plain old crunches. I could really use some inspiration!

  14. Lauren says

    My favorite core exercise has always been situps, but I’ve been getting into planking lately. I can feel it everywhere!

  15. Mirakol S. says

    This is super cool! :) Believe it or not, I love squats! I didn’t know they worked out the core until I worked with a pseudo trainer lol. She told me that stabilizing the core and keeping it centered during squats gives you a virtually total-body workout. Have a great day! :)

  16. Jen in MN says

    Um, yes. To say I need this after two babies would be a heck of an understatement (-:

    I love good old fashioned planks. Not the evil side plank, though, just the regular one (-: Also, cobras and supermans. Yep, I can’t pick just one!

  17. Rosanne says

    I haven’t managed to find my favorite core move. I’m sorely lacking in that department. I’m doing walking on a regular basis, and some light strength training for legs and arms, but any core moves I try just feel weird and awkward.
    I would love to try Pilates, but I’ve been a little scared. It’s one of those things that for some reason I think I need a trainer to show me how to do it properly or I’ll hurt myself, and I definitely don’t have the money to pay a trainer!

  18. Jeannie S. says

    We do alot of planks during my yoga class and these have helped me alot in developing my core. So have to go with planks.

  19. Ashley says

    My favorite core exercise is crunches on an inclined surface (like a step aerobics stepper). I DESPERATELY need some good core exercises, because I have gained 8 lbs. since Thanksgiving (seriously), and I think it is all in my belly because I look pregnant (which I’m definitely not).

  20. says

    Planks are a tried and true favorite for me. I feel it for days and NOT only in my abs, but my sides, shoulders. There’s also a Pilates crunch exercise that I can’t remember the name of right now, but you lift up like a crunch and stay and push your arms that are straight out on your sides down toward the ground. Love those too.

  21. Audrey says

    Though planks always kill my abs and feel good the next day, my favorite ab killer move is called suitcases where you balance on your tailbone and move your legs out while your upper body goes toward the floor as well. Tough to balance and your abs feel it right away.

  22. April says

    My favorite core exercise is plank pike on the ball. I can feel it working my entire core! I find it fun because it is challenging and not a crunch.

  23. Anna says

    My favorite core workout is the Dolphin Plank. I recently added it to my routine after watching it preformed on a daytime talk show. One I love the name and two you really feel it work. You start out in plank position and then lift your pelvis into an inverted V!

  24. Jan says

    I am such a newbie at the very idea of healthy living that I had to google to figure out what a “core” was…, I don’t have one yet. I just know that I want to stop being so tired and sitting while my kids run……so I guess I really need to work ALL of my core.

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