wellness calendar: january 2013 (free printable)


Just in time for the ball to drop, I’ve got the first Wellness Calendar of 2013 ready for you guys to print, hang up and enjoy! If you’re just joining us, each month I pull together a calendar full of nutrition, fitness and general wellness tidbits. The idea? Small decisions throughout the month add up to a healthy and happy January. Download the PDF, print it out and pass it around for everyone to use!

Happy New Year!



  1. Sarah says

    Hi Cassie- What a fantastic set of printables! I was only able to find calendars through November 2013 on your site… are you continuing the monthly wellness calendars for 2014? So happy to find your site- Pinterest WIN! TIA- Sarah

  2. Tamara says

    Hi! I’m very late to the party but I love your blog and outlook and attitude so thank you! Any chance of having these great monthly printables tweaked for 2014?
    Many thanks
    T x in the UK

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