what i ate wednesday: new year’s eve

You guys are probably getting pretty sick of seeing my WIAW’s full of holiday eats, aren’t you? Well, this is the last one for a while, I promise. Next week we’ll get back to regular ole boring healthiness. But this week, we have to get through my eats from New Year’s Eve. We never, ever do anything on NYE. It’s just…not…our thing. So we spent a relaxing evening watching Anderson Cooper giggle and sipping champagne in our jammies. Perfection.









  1. Coffee x2. We’re out of half and half, so I subbed in the last of the soy milk egg nog we have. Delicious, but it covers up the taste of the coffee, which makes me sad.
  2. I whipped up a frittata for breakfast. Inside was onion, red pepper, and herbed goat cheese. On the side I had a clementine and some grapes. Plus a small pour of milk.
  3. I heated up some leftover baked beans for lunch, plus a side of a really incredible Bok Choy and Apple slaw that is coming your way this afternoon. It’s insanely good.
  4. We went out and did some sledding (best exercise ever) and when we came back in, I decided to make a little snow ice cream. Complete with sprinkles.
  5. We had a (stressful) basketball game to watch, so drinking ensued. Babyface first mixed me up some coffee (decaf this time) with Kahlua.
  6. Then, for the second half, I had a small pour of Heineken from the mini-keg in our basement fridge.
  7. For dinner, we made flatbread pizzas. (1) Caramelized onions, bacon and goat cheese. (2) Veggie. (3) Barbecue chicken. (4) Four cheese. They were delicious.
  8. We finished out the night with a couple of glasses of champagne. Happy New Year!

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


  1. says

    I love your food! Amazing photos, and I bet the food tastes just as good as it looks!
    Also having two russian blues at home, I get where does curiosity of your kitty comes. She’s adorable!

  2. Candace says

    My friend and I went to a Mexican restaurant across the street on Monday night. They had a sweet NYE deal. We split nachos for an appetizer, which was the best thing I’ve eaten so far this week.

  3. says

    We got married on New Year’s Eve 11 years ago. We always go out to our favorite Thai restaurant – which is also where we had our wedding – so that dinner was definitely our best meal this week!

  4. says

    Hi Cassie! This is my first time commenting…though I’ve loved your blog for a few months now! I’m an Indiana girl too (except now in Milwaukee) but I have to admit I’m a Boilermaker :)

    Anyways, I was wondering if you got rid of the weekly menu planning widget you had? I loved that feature and am even considering adding one to my blog. I love menu planning and like to see other bloggers menu plans as well. Just curious!

  5. Wendy says

    Your flat breads look amazing! I am drooling. I have to admit I am a little freaked out by the snow ice cream. But I live in Chicago and the snow is never white for very long here :(

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