1. I ordered $201 worth of seeds last week. Do you have any idea how many seeds $201 gets you? It’s a lot. Our garden is going to be obnoxious.

seed catalogs

2. I’m allergic to Kittyface. The second she jumps up on my lap I get an insta-headache, my eyes get itchy, and I start sneezing. I don’t care. Her cuteness makes the pain worth it.


3. I’m getting fitted this week for a mouthguard because I clench my jaw so much when I’m sleeping. The dentist told me to (a) get the mouthguard and (b) take up yoga, because homegirl needs to stop stressing so much. I definitely did some yoga this weekend.

me feet gym workout weights yoga

4. I made my own makeup out of arrowroot powder, cocoa and cinnamon. It’s amazing. And makes my face smell like cake.


5. I went to Whole Foods for the first time ever this weekend. I very quickly realized why they call it “Whole Paycheck”. But gosh, it was fun. And we bought a giant vegan German chocolate cupcake to celebrate my career shift.

whole foods cupcakes

Do you have any confessions to share?



  1. says

    My fiancΓ© suffers with teeth grinding in his sleep (I think it’s called bruxism). I gently massage his jaw and and neck before bed to dissipate any tension and generally relax him which he says helps a lot. Yoga could help with stress levels too or maybe a hot bath before bed?

    I love the idea of making your own make up. Do you have any recipes?

    • Cassie says

      Ha! You know what’s funny? That literally is the recipe. Mix together arrowroot powder, cinnamon and cocoa until it matches your skintone. Put on like you would mineral makeup with a big fluffy brush. I had to use quite a bit of cinnamon because I have orange tones, but use less if you are more pink-toned. You can also add more cinnamon or cocoa (and beet powder, if you want pink) to make a darker version to use as blush.

      Now if there is a way to get back the thousands and thousands of dollars I spent on makeup over the past 20 years, that’d be great. πŸ˜›

      • says

        Does it look cakey or just smell cakey? I have dry skin, so a lot of times powders just make me look worse :(

        Odd question.. Would any other powders work instead such as corn starch or baking powder?

      • Cassie says

        I don’t think it looks cakey. It reminds me of how a mineral powder feels. If you want it to be more moisturizing, I don’t see why you couldn’t mix it with a little bit of liquid moisturizer to make a tinted moisturizer. Although you’d probably use less cocoa and cinnamon because the wetness will make it darker, I think.

        Cornstarch might work, but since it’s going on my skin, I feel more comfortable with the minimally-processed arrowroot powder.

    • Cassie says

      I was thinking about writing a post about it, but it’s so simple, it’d be like 50 words long! See the above comment. :)

  2. says

    I got a mouthguard a few years ago. I clench my teeth at night (thankfully I don’t grind). I’d wake up with a sore jaw and headache and some teeth were getting cracked. I was glad I got one and can’t sleep without it now!

    • Cassie says

      Oh, that’s good to hear! I’ve actually been going back and forth about if I should spend the money on it or not (my insurance only covers half) but I definitely don’t want it to get worse. Cracked teeth sounds like bad news!

      • Sarah says

        A cheaper alternative is getting a mouthguard like football players and such wear. You can generally find thinner ones that aren’t SO thick as the ones they wear. I’ve had that as well as one specially fitted for my mouth (I have TMJ) and they both worked.

    • Cassie says

      I can get it at just our regular ole supermarket in the natural foods section (with the baking stuff). Bob’s Red Mill sells it in their standard clear bag packaging. I’m sure almost any health food store would have it in their bulk bins, too.

  3. says

    A giant cupcake is a good way to celebrate :)

    As for the kitty, I’m allergic as well, but have had a cat for almost 10 years and I use BioAllers – Animal Hair and Dander. I think Whole Foods carries it, but I’ve always gotten it from Amazon.

    • Cassie says

      YAY! Thank you for that suggestion. I’m definitely going to pick some up. People keep saying “have you tried [insert over-the-counter drug]” and I don’t want to be rude, but being on Claritin for the rest of my kitty-owning life is not an option. :)

      • says

        Totally understand that! I don’t like taking any kind of meds as it is. But I do love BioAllers. A few drops under my tongue a couple times a day has helped me a TON. And I’m not having to use it daily now.

      • says

        The other thing you can do is just go snuggle with a pile full of cats for a week, lol! Jeff had allergies when he visited over Christmas so bad that he was teary-eyed, red-faced, and miserable. When he left, though, he didn’t have allergy symptoms any more lol

        It probably wouldn’t work for everyone, but we’re glad he doesn’t have to take meds every day just to hug our kitties.

  4. Amy says

    My mom is the same way about cats! We’ve always had one or two when I was growing up, and she loves them to bits even if she gets puffy eyes and sneezes when their hair gets everywhere. I’m grateful to not be allergic to any animals (just a few summertime plants), but I think I’d still be a major future crazy cat lady even if I was.

  5. Michelle K. says

    You’re lucky that your insurance covers 1/2… I’ve never had an insurance cover a night guard. I clench, too.. Always wear it.. I stopped wearing mine because it broke.. Big mistake not replacing it.. I ended up clenching so much a month ago that I fractured my tooth.. It seems to be a small fracture, so the dentist did a root canal.. I’ve got a temporary crown for 3 months, then he’ll look at it again.. If it doesn’t heal, the tooth will have to come out and then I have to get either an implant or a bridge :(

  6. BethanyH says

    It is possible to become desensitized to a cat. When I got my first indoor cat as a pre-teen, my mom couldn’t go near her, but over a couple months she slowly started to have less of a reaction. After awhile, the only time it bothered her was if she petted the cat and then rubbed her eyes. So maybe you’ll get lucky!

  7. Amy Ashley says

    We use Allerpet on our cats when my parents come to visit and it works great! My mom takes Claritin, but my father doesn’t like to use allergy medication much. You apply it to the cat about once a week or so, and it’s very easy and inexpensive. I buy it on Amazon, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere. It cuts back on the amount of dander and oil the cat releases, but I’m sure you can read more on the brand itself.

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