what i ate wednesday: decaf

Things worth noting about my WIAW eats this week: (1) no instances of a particular warm, caffeinated beverage (2) no snacks and (3) no chocolate. WHO AM I? The second two weren’t intentional, but the lack of coffee—that is. As much as I love coffee, it doesn’t love me. I need to get myself back off the juice. Onto my decaf eats…




  1. I was in a work conference call when Craig popped in and delivered me this plate of deliciousness. On a random whim, he decided to make pannukakku, a Finnish oven pancake, for breakfast. I love it when he goes all cultural on me. It was delicious. Insanely delicious. So good that I had to have two more pieces. Yum. We topped it with just a touch of (real!) maple syrup and had a clementine and some milk on the side.
  2. Lunch was a big bowl of leftover turkey wild rice soup. I made a big batch of this stuff right after Canadian Thanksgiving, froze it in flat bags and we’ve been eating on it ever since. Yum. On the side, I had a few whole wheat saltines.
  3. Dinner was almost entirely from our CSA! I love it when that happens. I roasted a whole chicken (from our CSA) and had a leg and a thigh from that (dark meat, FTW). I also roasted some Brussels sprouts (from our CSA) with pomegranate seeds. For a sweet touch, I also roasted each of us half a festival squash (CSA) topped with some butter and brown sugar. Yum. Yum. Yum.

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


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