what i ate wednesday: a good one

Do you ever look back at your day of eats and think, “Wow, that was a good one!”? That’s what I did with this week’s WIAW food. It was also super delicious, super healthy and just generally a really good collection of food. Sometimes things don’t “click” when it comes to food, but this day was a good one!








  1. Started off the morning with two mugs of green tea + some raw honey.
  2. Breakfast was the return of the yogurt bowl! It’s been a while. The base was homemade whole milk yogurt (sweetened with honey and flavored with vanilla) and topped with granola, a clementine, some pomegranate and chia seeds.
  3. Morning snack #1 was a homemade granola bar (based off of this recipe).
  4. Morning snack #2 was a handful of these not-quite-baby-but-not-quite-big carrots from our CSA. Winter carrots are so sweet and delicious thanks to the cold temps bringing out the natural sugars. Yum!
  5. Linner (we ate around 4pm) was red beans black beans and rice with some chorizo from our CSA this week. So yummy! I’m thinking of posting my recipe soon, just as long as I can manage to get some good photos before all the leftovers are gone.
  6. And you can’t have red beans black beans and rice without cornbread. I made my go-to cornbread recipe from Emily at Daily Garnish. I managed to limit myself to two piecesβ€”one with a swipe of butter from local dairy farm that is out-of-this-world delicious and one with some honey. Honey + cornbread = amazing.
  7. After we’d cleaned the kitchen and packed our lunches for the next day, I sat down with a mug ofΒ chamomile, a hunk of dark chocolateΒ (not the whole bar) and Split byΒ Swati Avasthi. Such a great book! I’m loving it.

What’s the best thing you’ve eaten so far this week?


  1. says

    Such BEAUTIFUL pictures! And I love how much is local and/or homemade.

    My favorite eats this week have been my salads. I HATE traditional mixed greens salad but I love creative ones. My two latest favorites:
    — Arugula with beets, cara cara orange, goat cheese crumbles and Trader Joe’s champagne vinaigrette.
    — baby spinach with roasted butternut squash and roasted red onion, homemade rosemary walnuts, craisins and Trader Joe’s pear vinaigrette

  2. says

    I love my kindle. Now I do not have to decide which book will make it on the train trip but can bring my whole library πŸ˜‰

    And your breakfast yogurt bowl looks intriguing. Anyways – just wanted to say: your pictures and the overall blog design are just adorable. I’ll make sure to visit you more often!

  3. Caitlyn says

    I LOVE Chocolove! My favorite is the dark chocolate with freeze-dried raspberries. I don’t normally like fruit and chocolate, but something about the tangy-ness of the raspberries really gets me. Plus how can you resist a love poem that comes with your chocolate? :)

  4. says

    I just had to stop by and say that your photos are SO pretty. I’m potentially moving this year, and my #1 requirement for a new place is good natural light. I live in a dungeon. It’s embarrassing because I’m a graphic designer and know how to take good photos, but I have no access to decent lighting. Except for outside in the summer.

    Anyway, happy WIAW. :)

  5. says

    Wow, you were right about having an amazing eating day!

    I usually swallow chia seeds on their own because I don’t like the texture when wet (so I throw them in my mouth and chase them down with water). Do you find that the texture because oily and gooey in the yogurt?

  6. Taylor says

    Any chance on gettin a new link to the granola bar recipe?!? At the grocery store now and I tried to pull it up but that silly puppy face :)

  7. Alexa says

    Hi Cassie, I just wanted to say that I decided to make my own yogurt bowl today because yours looked so delicious! It was amaaazing. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Jennie Gift says

    Hi Cassie, What brand of Green tea are you drinking? I have been wanting to switch over to green tea but haven’t taken the jump yet.

    • Cassie says

      Hi Jennie! I usually drink Gunpowder Green (which you can get at most health food stores) they come in little pellets. Recently, I’ve been drinking a lot of Jasmine Green Tea from Teavana, too. So, yum (but pricey).

  9. Kristin says

    Two weeks after the fact, I wanted to thank you for introducing me to ‘Split’! I got curious and followed the link. I just managed to get a copy from the library and I haven’t been able to put it down!

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